Daisy Closes $11 Million Series A Funding Round

Daisy, a home and small business technology installation and services company, today is announcing its $11 million Series A funding round, bringing total funding to $13.3 million. The round was led by technology and software investors Goldcrest and Bungalow with participation from Bullish, Burst Capital, and angel investors. The funding will be used to onboard new partners, further develop Daisy’s innovative branch support center, and continue the company’s mission to create a supportive environment for franchisees and customers alike.

With a market opportunity estimated at $29 billion addressed by 20,000 integrators1 today, Daisy is positioned as the first company to unify the integrator market with a national brand and solution that addresses both the needs of smart home and small businesses and the dedicated integrators serving them today.

Daisy announced franchising availability earlier this year and is now operating coast-to-coast with the franchise conversions of Brilliant AV, Daisy’s flagship operation based in Southern California, and Digital Homes in Tampa Bay area, Florida. Additionally, Daisy has acquired integration companies serving Connecticut, Northern California, and South Florida and envisions being in at least 16 markets this year with plans for nationwide coverage by 2025. Committed to sustainable growth, the company expects to be profitable within two years and is operating at a $20 million run rate, on track to become a top 10 player in the market within the next few months.

“This funding marks a pivotal moment for Daisy, enabling us to accelerate our mission of simplifying smart home and office technology for users across the nation,” said Hagan Kappler, founder and CEO of Daisy. “We are grateful for the support of our investors, and we are eager to continue providing comprehensive support to our customers and franchisees as we scale our business to meet market demand.”

Daisy’s industry-first franchisee support center is designed to restore a healthy work-life balance for business owners by disrupting inefficiencies and easing pain points for integrators. From personalized business coaching to dedicated technician support, a 24/7 call center, robust training tools, marketing support, and recurring service offerings, Daisy empowers integrators every step of the way. For customers, Daisy ensures a personalized experience with ongoing support and curation, simplifying smart home and office technology for optimal performance.

“Goldcrest is very excited to partner with Daisy given the huge market opportunity, as well as the strength of the Daisy team,” said Adam Ross, co-founder of Goldcrest, Daisy’s lead investor. “We have been impressed with how much progress this team has made in a short amount of time toward building the first national brand in home automation.”

“We are very excited to work with Hagan and her team,” said Dave Ambrose, co-founder of Bungalow and a member of Daisy’s board of directors. “Hagan has built an impressive team and relentlessly executed the business case for Daisy.”

About Daisy 

Daisy is a nationwide home technology installation and services company that simplifies smart home and office technology to make it work and perform optimally for its users, solving one of the biggest in-home problems today and bringing more joy into the home and office. For more information or to register as a future business partner, franchisee, technician, or customer, please visit www.daisyco.com.