Mitiga Appoints Amir Gabrieli as Vice President of Product

Mitiga, the cloud threat detection, investigation, and response experts for cloud and SaaS, today announced Amir Gabrieli has been appointed as Vice President of Product. With a distinguished career spanning over two decades in cloud and cybersecurity, Gabrieli will lead Mitiga’s product development roadmap and implementation. Today’s news closely follows Mitiga’s presence as a finalist at the RSA Conference Innovation Sandbox and winning the Global InfoSec Award for Cloud Threat Detection Investigation & Response (TDIR).

“We are delighted to welcome Amir to our team at Mitiga. His remarkable career, marked by over 20+ years of achievements in cybersecurity product management, aligns with our current strategic goals and future vision,” stated Ofer Maor, Co-Founder and CTO of Mitiga. “Amir’s extensive experience, particularly his roles in developing complex cloud security solutions in organizations from technology leaders to fast growth start-ups, will help shape product innovation and our ongoing strategy. We are confident that Amir’s leadership and industry knowledge will be instrumental in meeting customer demands in today’s ever-evolving cyber landscape.”

The addition of Gabrieli reinforces Mitiga’s commitment to supercharge the SOC (Security Operation Center) for the cloud era by building upon its leading-edge platform and approach. At Mitiga, Gabrieli will play a crucial role in directing the company’s product development and strategy, helping address the current and future needs of its customers.  He will also oversee the expansion and enhancement of Mitiga’s platform, ensuring the company continues to offer the most comprehensive solution for threat detection, investigation, and response.

“While organizations have significantly transformed in recent years, SecOps and Incident Response (IR) tooling has remained largely unchanged. As cyber threats now primarily target cloud environments, it’s essential for SOC teams to update their cloud security stacks to address the need,” stated Gabrieli. “This realization drew me to Mitiga, whose tailored approach addresses the unique challenges SOC and IR teams face in the cloud era. Mitiga stands out because it equips teams with the tools to manage the escalating cloud threat landscape efficiently, avoiding the pitfalls of traditional methods that are not designed for the scale and nature of cloud environments. I’m excited to help drive the evolution of cloud security, providing clear, effective solutions for detecting, investigating, and responding to these growing threats.”

Previously Gabrieli was a Director for Product Management at Aqua Security, where he spearheaded the strategy and development of Aqua’s leading runtime protection solutions for cloud workloads, a core component of Aqua’s cloud-native application protection platform (CNAPP) offering. Prior, he served as a Security Black Belt at Microsoft, following the Secure Island acquisition, where he consulted global 2000 companies on strategic cyber-security initiatives.

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About Mitiga
Mitiga is the industry’s only complete solution for cloud threat detection, investigation, and response—built by investigators, for investigators. Mitiga supercharges today’s SOC teams with the cloud capabilities that enterprises have been missing, delivering broad visibility across clouds and SaaS, automation that speeds investigations, and rich context that informs cloud threat detection, hunting, and response. Together, Mitiga’s capabilities minimize breach impact and enhance enterprises’ cyber resilience. Mitiga is headquartered in New York, with global offices in London and Tel Aviv.