New Pendulum Completes Acquisition of Bardot Plastics

New Pendulum Corporation, a family-owned and managed portfolio specializing in the manufacturing and industrial space, announced today that they have acquired Bardot Plastics Inc., a custom injection molding company based in Easton, Pennsylvania.

Bardot Plastics LLC, the newly-named subsidiary, marks the second acquisition completed by New Pendulum in less than twelve months.

“Since 1973, Bardot Plastics has built an excellent reputation with its customers, and much of that stems from the founding beliefs instilled by Lee Boucher, and the continued stewardship by the Boucher family over more than fifty years.  This acquisition is an excellent example of our investment philosophy, not only from an operational standpoint, but also in terms of cultural fit and how we choose to do business,” said Clark Stapelfeld, President & CEO of New Pendulum Corporation.

With the addition of Bardot Plastics, New Pendulum’s most recent investment further solidifies its expansion across the spectrum of plastics manufacturing processes, with portfolio capabilities now spanning from meltblown nonwoven production to rotational molding and injection molding.

“Our portfolio approach has been one of logical, diligent expansion to create as much benefit as possible for the New Pendulum family of companies.  Specifically, with the acquisition of Bardot Plastics, we are adding a key component to our plastics manufacturing capabilities, one we believe will pay significant dividends across all of our operations,” notes Mark Woytowich, VP, Strategic Integration of New Pendulum Corporation.

Bardot Plastics marks the 14th New Pendulum holding since its formation in 1983.  Of those companies it has created or acquired over the past four decades, New Pendulum still holds thirteen in portfolio, proof of an acquisition strategy centered on long-term growth and profitability.

“It has been a great experience working with New Pendulum, from our broad discussions on philosophy, fit, and family business to all of the small details that need to be covered during due diligence and closing process.  Our family is excited for Bardot Plastics to join New Pendulum, and we’re equally excited in terms of the resources they are building to move our family’s company into the future,” said Rick Boucher, current President of Bardot Plastics, and former Owner/Vice President of Manufacturing.

About Bardot Plastics
Founded in 1973 by J. Lee Boucher, Bardot Plastics specializes in custom injection molding using both engineered and non-engineered resins.  More than fifty years after its founding, Bardot Plastics continues to deliver on its founding mantra of “making it right the first time,” by blending leading-edge engineering and high-volume production capabilities with a deep commitment to quality.

About New Pendulum
New Pendulum is a family-owned and managed, privately held company with a proven track record of strategic acquisitions and accelerated growth internationally since 1986.  Specializing in industrials and manufacturing, our approach is one of creating increased profitability through long-term investment, sound corporate stewardship, and leveraging omnichannel expertise.

The New Pendulum family of companies includes New Pig, SpillTech, Bardot Plastics, and ten others, with holdings in nine countries and totaling more than 800 employees.