Diagnostic Biochips is Probing into the Science of Neurological Disorders

In Glen Burnie, a company that manufactures its own line of ultra-precise medical research equipment is helping reimagine the world of electrophysiology. Diagnostic Biochips  (DBC) was founded in 2013 with the belief that if “the science is hard, the tools shouldn’t be.”

DBC provides neural probes and cloud-based software to enable groundbreaking research and analysis of deep brain activity. With hundreds of customers globally, DBC’s devices are being used to help find therapies, and hopefully one day cures, for Parkinson’s, epilepsy, schizophrenia, depression, OCD, and more.

The medtech company was founded by Brian Jamieson based on his doctoral thesis on active neural probes. DBC manufactures a variety of neurological devices that can measure electrical activity in the brain, with its four categories being silicon, deep array, micro EcOG, and janus double-sided.