Michael Baker International Acquires Gavan-Graham Electrical Products

Michael Baker International, a global leader in engineering, planning, and consulting services, acquired Gavan-Graham Electrical Products (“Gavan-Graham”), a premier original equipment manufacturer to the power distribution market. Founded in 1945, Gavan-Graham manufactures and assembles mission-critical, customized power solutions for a broad customer base in a variety of industries.

Gavan-Graham’s suite of capabilities further enhances the service provided by Michael Baker’s Sustainable and Resilient Solutions (SRS) vertical. SRS, which includes Akela Engineering and Consulting, a San Diego based mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) firm and Infinity MEP+S, a Texas-based MEP firm, delivers a full continuum of MEP, structural engineering, fire protection, design services, telecommunications, cybersecurity and technology solutions.

Through the acquisition of Gavan-Graham, Michael Baker adds the robust support of a specialty manufacturer who is separately partnered as an Original Equipment Manufacturer (“OEM”) with worldwide leaders in sustainability. Michael Baker is committed to purpose-driven design and engineering, and the complementary lines of service and products of Gavan-Graham will transform the customer experience in the MEP, structural, fire protection, and technology space.

“The addition of Gavan-Graham to Michael Baker International exemplifies our commitment to providing our customers with diverse service offerings and expertise to solve their most complex challenges. Gavan-Graham’s products are well known for delivering efficient, customized solutions to a dynamic and rapidly changing market,” said Brian A. Lutes, Chief Executive Officer at Michael Baker International. “The contributions Gavan-Graham will make as part of Michael Baker reflect our commitment to provide resilient solutions to energy infrastructure customers. We will continue to make strategic investments in our capabilities to deliver innovative products and services that address the mission-critical needs of our customers.”

Gavan-Graham provides custom designed electrical equipment to a wide variety of clients across a range of verticals, catering to unique and innovative applications, within the $90.0 billion electrical switchgear market. Key capabilities include its core custom design, engineering, project management and manufacturing skillsets, as well as the customization and distribution of existing products from its partners. “Our services and customer portfolio, coupled with the design and engineering capabilities that Michael Baker offers, will spark innovation and growth opportunities for our unified organization and allow us to achieve even more for our customers,” said Andrew Sharkey, CEO of Gavan-Graham.

The inclusion of Gavan-Graham into the broad product offering of Michael Baker adds significant expertise and manufacturing capability to the SRS vertical. With this new addition, both Michael Baker and Gavan-Graham are well positioned to continue adding value to their customer base while expanding their geographic reach and further growing the SRS business.

Compelling Strategic and Financial Benefits

The addition of Gavan-Graham to Michael Baker delivers benefits for the new organization, its customers and the industry.

  • Expansive Growth Opportunity. Michael Baker has the global presence and financial support to accelerate the growth and capabilities of Gavan-Graham. Together, Michael Baker and Gavan-Graham will invest in expansion, talent and state-of-art machinery to continue growing commercial business.
  • Deeper Penetration into Customer Base. With Gavan-Graham’s specialty in critical power design and Michael Baker’s expertise in critical data protection through its collaboration with Owl Cyber Defense – which implements next generation cybersecurity solutions for critical network – and projects involving customer switchgear and Internet of Things (IOT) will ensure critical security components are addressed in projects for customers.
  • Shared Specialties. Michael Baker is renowned for having many of the best MEP and structural engineers in the world. Leveraging the skillsets of Gavan-Graham to complement Michael Baker’s SRS team, existing products, such as electrohouses, work with the Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD) and seismic structures, will see continued innovation and be reimagined to provide the best customer solutions.
  • Turnkey Solutions. The addition of Gavan-Graham delivers the added manufacturing and critical services necessary to create end-to-end customer support through a full continuum of services. Services include measurements, installation consulting, start-up and commissioning, among others.
  • End-to-End Execution Control. With operations stationed from concept to manufacturing, together Michael Baker and Gavan-Graham can maintain control of the supply chain to improve client satisfaction.

About Michael Baker International
Michael Baker International is a leading provider of engineering and consulting services spanning five distinct Verticals: Infrastructure, Design-Build Services, Federal Programs and Services, Consulting and Technology Solutions (CTS) and Sustainable and Resilient Solutions (SRS). The firm’s Practices encompass all facets of infrastructure, including design and civil engineering for diverse bridge, highway, water, rail and transit and aviation projects, as well as planning, architecture, environmental and construction and program management. For more than 80 years, the company has been a trusted partner to clients, providing comprehensive services and solutions, delivering expertise and quality, and embracing emerging technologies and the latest innovations – like intelligent transportation, engineered models and public safety software as a service (SaaS).

The firm’s 4,000 employees across more than 85 office locations are committed to Making a Difference for clients and communities through a culture of innovation, collaboration and technological advancement while Reimagining Michael Baker to become a full-service engineering and consulting firm over the next five years.

To learn more, visit https://mbakerintl.com/.

About Gavan-Graham Electrical Products Corporation
For over 75 years, Gavan-Graham has been a premier electrical switchgear and power distribution equipment provider with a penchant for customer service and engineering highly complex solutions. Headquartered in Union, New Jersey, Gavan-Graham offers a suite of custom industrial and commercial products, from panelboards, low and medium-voltage switchgear, to electrohouses. With a core focus on accelerated lead time and deep rooted in petrochemical, pharmaceutical, and data industry support, Gavan-Graham has established itself as a reputable shop for any mission-critical project.