Altumint Appoints Richard Harris as Chief Technology Officer

Altumint is pleased to formally announce the addition of Richard Harris as Chief Technology Officer. Harris brings three decades of industry experience to this role and has proven expertise in software development, planning, strategy design, and execution. With a strong track record of creating development organizations, he will manage Altumint’s technology function in its entirety, starting with the launch of the Viocam Vision System, a cutting-edge, AI-supported camera system designed for detecting vehicles with utmost precision.

“We are thrilled to welcome Richard to our team. He brings a wealth of experience as a dynamic thought leader and organizational manager,” said Altumint CEO Holly Cooper. “Richard’s technical abilities and understanding of user experience will be invaluable as our company grows. We are confident in his ability to lead as Altumint puts our life-saving technology to work in communities nationwide.”

“Altumint has a bold vision to leverage AI traffic technology to save lives,” said Harris. “I truly believe that technology is what will improve our generation and future generations’ lives. I’m excited to lead this team and to ensure that our clients have an improved experience and that our technology continues to make roadways safer and smarter.”

“I am proud to begin my tenure by leading the launch of Viocam, which combines the power of AI and vision engineering to provide unparalleled accuracy in monitoring various traffic data points,” Harris added. “The technology aligns with my vision for an extensible system with a back-office platform that can be continuously updated with new features and functions. The Altumint team is eager to provide this state-of-the-art technology to our partners in law enforcement.”

Viocam is tailored for police use, serving as a deterrent against speeding, red light running, and other reckless driving behaviors. The system includes configurations for radar and lidar and is designed for flexible deployment, including fixed pole mount, diesel trailer, solar trailer, transportable, handheld, and in-vehicle options. Viocam is now available to Altumint customers.

Harris is well-equipped to lead Altumint’s technology work and oversee the launch of innovations like Viocam. As the former Chief Technology Officer at DRB Systems Inc., a leading provider of turnkey car wash solutions, Harris stabilized the company’s product portfolio, doubled new development activity, and brought innovations to market. Prior to his role at DRB Systems Inc., Harris served as Vice President of Design and Innovation at Diebold Nixdorf, where he led all design and user experience activities. Harris holds a Bachelor of Science Honors degree in Computer Science from Portsmouth University, UK.

Harris will play an integral role in leading Altumint’s technology strategies and moving the company forward. Altumint engineers, manufactures, and supports a visual technology system and citation process using artificial intelligence to capture data on vehicles and people who break the law. From camera capture to ticketing and a complete suite of back-office services, its fully automated solution is designed to detect and process traffic violations using advanced AI processing, ensuring the highest level of accuracy. The company’s cutting-edge technology allows for seamless, complete vehicle recognition while monitoring all types of roadways.

About Altumint, Inc. 

Driven by safety and integrity, US-based Altumint offers a resourceful and adaptive partnership to immediately improve public safety. We engineer, design, and support a visual technology system and citation process using artificial intelligence to capture data on vehicles who break the law. We add support and resources for law enforcement to monitor speeding in school zones, work zones, running red lights, and ignoring school bus stop arms—anything compromising community safety. Our expert team provides unmatched customer service and is committed to making responsive changes in technology and processes based on customer and partner feedback. For additional information, please visit our website at