Quinte Financial Technologies Launches the Next-Gen Case Management Solutions

Quinte Financial Technologies, a cloud-based technology and expert services provider for financial institutions (FIs), has launched its case management platform to empower FIs to efficiently manage increasing dispute and fraud volumes. This flagship platform is meticulously designed to streamline operations and strengthen security, helping banks and credit unions redefine their approach to disputes and fraud management.

Quinte’s Advanced Dispute Manager (ADM) is built on the principle of facilitating essential compliance functions through configurable automated processes, ensuring a reliable and consistent information connection. It is state-of-the-art software designed to handle Automated Clearing House (ACH), Point of Sale (POS), Zelle, Wire, and ATM transactions beyond the contemporary dispute resolution systems. With seamless integration with market-leading core processors, ADM enables FIs to navigate Reg E challenges confidently, ensuring a consistent and reliable connection of information.

Quinte’s Advanced Fraud Manager (AFM) handles fraud and financial crime prevention, investigation, and regulatory compliance in a cohesive and comprehensive manner. It is a proven software that harnesses historical data to build models that help in smarter decisions through predictive analytics. It is designed to enable faster and more refined insights into fraudulent transactions and achieve uncompromised customer/member satisfaction levels along with workflow orchestration. With centralized alert management, AFM can manage and organize the entire fraud investigative process.

The solutions are designed to streamline investigations using automated workflows to assign work cases. They enable timely case triaging by capturing the correct data upon intake, ensuring cases are handled promptly and propelling timely resolutions. The case managers also leverage expert services to enhance capabilities and provide better outcomes. Domain experts are available round-the-clock to analyze and investigate cases, enhancing the case management processes. The feedback loop allows the case managers to rate the quality of system-generated suggestions, enabling the system to continuously improve its performance.

In addition to managing disputes and investigating fraud, these solutions will be crucial in meeting stringent information security requirements by encrypting data, enforcing granular access controls, and maintaining a comprehensive audit trail for FIs.

“The launch of these case management solutions will prove to be a breakthrough in navigating the complexities of the digital age for the financial institutions,” says Sriram Natarajan, President of Quinte Financial Technologies. He adds, “Financial institutions that have adopted Quinte’s Advanced Dispute and Fraud Manager experience a significant reduction in operational costs, optimized resource allocation, improved accuracy in dispute resolution, and a heightened ability to prevent fraud. It’s not just a black box with rules; financial institutions will also leverage the added benefits of having 24/7 expert services to enhance case management processes further.”

As the financial industry taps into the future, Quinte is steadfast in its commitment to accelerate growth, mitigate risks, and optimize operations, ushering in a new era of financial liberation. Our focus remains on developing innovative solutions that empower financial institutions. ADM and AFM herald the dawn of new standards that surpass the ordinary, where efficiency and security converge to drive success. With ADM and AFM, the future of the financial services industry is not just promising — it’s transformative.

About Quinte

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