citybiz+ Prolegis Raises $2.6M to Advance Tech Platform for Congress

Prolegis, whose tech platform is used by 95% of Congressmen, has raised $2.6 million in equity and debt from nine investors, according to a recent Reg D filing. The Washington, D.C.-based startup has set a target of raising $5.2 million.

A trio of marketing consultant Brian Overland, attorney Gregg Nunziata and engineer Jeff Blasius co-founded Prolegis in 2017. Overland, an alumnus of Columbia University and the Wharton School, led the company since its inception until early 2023. Since then, the company is led by Jim Gianiny, who previously served the public affairs platform DDC for over two decades.

‘Go-to’ Platform

Prolegis says it is committed to serving the policy-making and public affairs community, “from Congress to K Street, Wall Street to Main Street.” Its analytics provide varied features including real-time assessments of the effectiveness of advocacy campaigns. It offers advertising partners a position to target Congressmen with educational and advocacy messaging.

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Dubbed as the “go-to” technology platform for Congressional research, policy news and other content, Prolegis is free to use, with the company relying on ads for revenue.

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2022 Breakthrough
Prolegis achieved a key breakthrough in 2022 when the Library of Congress released an application programming interface, or API. That allowed external software providers to access and share Congressional data. Today, the API can access far more data on bills, amendments, summaries, transcripts, the Congressional Record, committee reports, nominations, treaties, and communications.

According to Gianiny’s LinkedIn page, he has over 30 years of operational and client engagement expertise, and has successfully steered two startups from inception through acquisition. Before joining DDC, Gianiny was a founding member of Direct Impact Company, which in 1999 was acquired by British multinational communications firm WPP. He also guided DDC to an acquisition by New York-based marketing and communications giant Omnicom in 2014.