Cities Where Credit Limits Are Decreasing the Most – WalletHub Study

Large decreases in the average credit limit in a city can indicate that residents are in financial trouble, and in light of this, the personal-finance website WalletHub today released its report on the Cities Where Credit Limits Are Decreasing the Most to highlight areas where people might be struggling financially. You can check out some key findings below.

Largest Credit Limit Decrease Smallest Credit Limit Decrease
1. Irvine, CA 91. Phoenix, AZ
2. Richmond, VA 92. Glendale, AZ
3. Norfolk, VA 93. St. Louis, MO
4. Buffalo, NY 94. Oklahoma City, OK
5. Durham, NC 95. San Bernardino, CA
6. Minneapolis, MN 96. Anchorage, AK
7. Chesapeake, VA 97. Spokane, WA
8. Fort Wayne, IN 98. Nashville, TN
9. Henderson, NV 99. Tulsa, OK
10. Seattle, WA 100. Des Moines, IA