Funds Awarded to Four Organizations for Key Bridge Recovery

The first round of grants has been awarded to local organizations in response to the tragedy of the Key Bridge Collapse on March 26, 2024.

The nonprofit Baltimore Community Foundation (BCF) announced the distribution from their Maryland Tough Baltimore Strong Key Bridge Fund, which was created within 48 hours of the bridge’s collapse. The fund grew out of an outpouring of support and community solidarity from national, regional, and local businesses and philanthropists. So far, it has raised $15.6 million.

“We’re honored to be distributing critical grant funds to local organizations supporting those impacted by the Key Bridge collapse,” said Shanaysha Sauls, Chief Executive Officer and President of BCF, in a statement. “These organizations are the heart of our region’s response, offering essential aid during this time of rebuilding. We hope this grant funding will empower these organizations to continue helping our community heal over the long haul and inspire others to do the same.”