GatePass Capital Appoints Robert Towne as Director of Global Family Office and Tax Services

GatePass Capital has appointed Robert Towne as Director of Global Family Office and Tax Services. With over a decade of experience in managing complex tax issues and family office services, Towne is set to enhance the firm’s capabilities and extend its reach in providing comprehensive family office solutions.

Towne brings with him a wealth of knowledge in the family office sector. His expertise encompasses a broad range of services including tax planning, tax structuring, and wealth preservation strategies. Towne’s strategic vision and commitment to excellence make him a perfect fit for GatePass Capital as they continue to grow and serve the diverse needs of their clients.

In a significant development, the family office where Towne previously served will also be integrated into GatePass Capital. This transition underscores the firm’s commitment to offering an expanded suite of services that cater to the multifaceted needs of high- and ultra-high-net-worth families, including an extensive network of outside professionals, private deal flow, advanced technological resources, and a personalized approach, to ensure that all aspects of a family’s wealth are addressed with a seamless service experience.

“We are excited to join forces with GatePass Capital,” said Ivy Zelman. “The decision to move under GatePass’ multifamily office structure was driven by our desire for more comprehensive services and enhanced reporting capabilities. GatePass has a tech-forward and differentiated platform that, coupled with their philanthropic advising and commitment to data security and confidentiality, align perfectly with our values and long-term goals. Additionally, the cost efficiencies that come with being part of a larger, multifamily office will allow us to better allocate resources toward our family’s priorities.”

“We are delighted to welcome Robert Towne and the esteemed family office he brings with him to GatePass Capital,” said David LaPuma, Managing Director at GatePass Capital. “From my previous experience working at Zelman & Associates, I have great respect not only for the reputation the Zelman name has earned on Wall Street, but also for the Zelman family personally. I am looking forward to working with them again.”

GatePass Capital remains committed to providing bespoke wealth management solutions that empower their clients to achieve their financial goals while preserving their legacy for future generations. With Robert Towne at the helm of the Global Family Office and Tax Services group, the firm is well-positioned to continue delivering exceptional value and service to its clients.

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