Sinopia Biosciences Receives SBIR Grant

Sinopia Biosciences, a San Diego, CA-based biotechnology company advancing novel therapeutics identified using its proprietary computational drug discovery platform, received a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant from the National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS).

The company intends to use the amount to advance its computational drug discovery LEarn And DiScover (LEADS™) platform and explore applications in oncology and immunology.

Founded by Aarash Bordbar, Iman Famili and Bernhard Palsson, Sinopia Biosciences is a biotechnology company which leverages a discovery platform that combines high-throughput omics data, machine learning, and network biology.

Commenting on the news, Aarash Bordbar said: “Our preliminary studies showcase the unique value of using large scale metabolomics datasets for drug discovery. Funding from the National Institute of General Medical Sciences supports our effort in further developing novel algorithms to more effectively analyze the proprietary metabolomics datasets we have generated. This research funding will also allow us to explore new and important therapeutic areas using our platform in oncology and immunology.