Aramark Taps Senior Marketing Agency Varsity To Guide Company’s Reentry Into The Senior Living Industry

New offering — Aramark SeniorLIFE+ — breathes new life into stagnant senior living dining services category

Aramark, the largest U.S.-based food service company, is reentering the senior living industry and has tapped senior services marketing agency, Varsity, to help kick off the effort.

Varsity’s work includes the development of the new Aramark offering — Aramark SeniorLIFE+ — with the creation of a brand story, website elements, brochure and other sales materials. The Aramark SeniorLIFE+ product will include dining and nutrition services, environmental services, facility management, technology, and amenities that tie into a community’s concierge, activities and social engagement offerings.

“To develop this service offering, it was important for us to partner with a marketing and branding team that understands the senior living industry,” said Aramark SeniorLIFE+ CEO Joe Gorman. “A senior living campaign requires an extremely focused knowledge of the end user of our services, but also a knowledge of the decision-makers at the communities we’ll be working with. Varsity knows both audiences better than anyone.”

The return to senior living is a natural next step for Aramark, which already serves the world’s leading educational institutions, Fortune 500 companies, world champion sports teams and prominent healthcare providers.

“Aramark’s reentry into senior living brings another trusted resource to the table in a dining services category that had been stagnant for many years,” said Varsity Director of Client Services Derek Dunham. “And even though dining service options were stagnant, the senior living industry itself is growing at a phenomenal rate. It’s also evolving in terms of the quality of the services being offered. All of those factors were considered when we helped build the SeniorLIFE+ brand.”

The Aramark SeniorLIFE+ program was officially unveiled in November at the LeadingAge Annual Meeting in Chicago. The new service will be promoted nationally throughout 2024. For more information about Aramark SeniorLIFE+, visit For information about Varsity, visit