Acura Embedded Systems & Frore Systems Launches the RoughNeck with AirJet

In a string of announcements following Frore Systems’ $80M Series C fundraising led by Fidelity Management & Research Company, Frore Systems announced the latest product to feature AirJet Mini, the world’s first solid-state active cooling chip. RoughNeck with AirJet, a new Industrial Panel PC manufactured by Acura Embedded Systems, is designed for use in the Offshore Oil and Gas Industry and delivers a 20% increase in performance in one of the world’s most hostile operating environments.

The RoughNeck with AirJet showcases the value of solid-state active cooling in devices that require increased performance but have traditionally been unable to use active cooling due to extremely challenging environmental conditions. Industries like Offshore Oil and Gas, can benefit greatly from the latest advanced technologies, including Edge AI computing, but have struggled to achieve sustained high compute performance in hot and dusty environments.

Using Edge computing, Offshore Oil and Gas companies can take data generated by sensors and other devices located in remote or harsh environments, such as offshore platforms, drilling sites and pipelines, then processing the data at the edge, significantly reducing latency and improving the speed and efficiency of decision-making. However, systems must remove the increased heat that inevitably accompanies the increased performance needed for AI applications and this has proved particularly challenging for industrial applications which rely entirely on passive cooling.

In hot and dusty environments, traditional active cooling with fans is ineffective. Without active cooling, at high ambient temperatures, processors are forced to throttle, decreasing performance and preventing them from functioning at optimum levels. AirJet – enabling faster, silent, thinner, lighter, vibration free and dustproof devices – is the first solid-state active cooling solution to be effective in these harsh conditions.

“We are thrilled to showcase AirJet’s performance in this most challenging of use cases” said Dr. Seshu Madhavapeddy, founder and CEO of Frore Systems. “AirJet unleashes performance in products operating in hot and dusty environments that have been constrained by heat. Delivering the level of performance needed for Edge computing; enabling capabilities like monitoring the health of oil drilling equipment in real-time and identifying potential issues before they become problems, can make offshore operations safer for everyone.”

Acura Embedded Systems’ flagship product, RoughNeck, is a fully sealed customizable and upgradable rugged Industrial Panel PC, designed for the toughest hot and dusty environments in Hazard Locations. Using the World’s first Solid-State Active Cooling chips, 4x AirJet Mini, the RoughNeck with AirJet increases CPU performance even in 45o C ambient conditions by an impressive 20%. This performance is achieved while ensuring Roughneck with AirJet is protected from dust and water. The massive 1750 pascals of backpressure of AirJet, unlike fans, easily pulls air in through vents protected by replaceable IP54 dustproof filters.

“We are delighted to integrate AirJet into our flagship product, RoughNeck. We are constantly searching for the best technology solutions for our customers.” said Preet Thind, CEO of Acura Embedded Systems. “Introducing RoughNeck with AirJet, we can finally go beyond passive cooling and take advantage of the latest technology to bring the best possible performance to our customers. We look forward to integrating AirJet into more of our industrial Computing products in the near future.”

RoughNeck with AirJet is a Class 1 Division 2 certified Industrial Panel PC. This industrial-grade system, which integrates a high bright 15ʺ LED Backlit screen, is lightweight and extremely durable. RoughNeck with AirJet is the perfect solution for demanding tasks like MWD (measurement while drilling) which allows drill operators to continuously monitor operations and make prompt adjustments, or LWD (logging while drilling) which provides detailed data about the target formation where sustained performance in high ambient temperatures is critical for optimizing offshore drilling operations.

The new Roughneck with AirJet, and an impressive array of additional AirJet demonstrations showing increased performance in a wide range of applications, will be on display next week, June 4 – 7, at COMPUTEX Taipei 2024 – one of the largest computer and technology trade shows in the world.

About Frore Systems

Frore Systems is the developer of breakthrough thermal technology for electronic and consumer devices. The company’s active cooling solutions, the AirJet® Mini, AirJet Mini Slim and the new AirJet PAKs, are integrated into devices to remove heat silently, resulting in major performance gains and enabling thinner, lighter, silent, vibration free and dustproof devices. Frore Systems is headquartered in San Jose, CA with an office and manufacturing facility in Taiwan. For more information, please visit

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