Springbok Analytics Appoints Dr. Andy Galpin to Advisory Board

Springbok Analytics, a life sciences muscle analytics company, announced today the appointment of Dr. Andy Galpin to its advisory board. A prolific researcher and performance health expert, Dr. Galpin is a tenured full Professor and the Director for the Center for Sport Performance at Cal State Fullerton, where he leads seven different laboratories that all study human performance. Over his career, Dr. Galpin has worked extensively with elite athletes across all sports, including Olympic and world champions, Hall-of-Famers and numerous All-Stars throughout the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, UFC, boxing, PGA, professional tennis and more.

“I have seen every technology, every company, and every product and service in the human performance space. When I first came across Springbok, I knew I had to be part of what they were building,” said Dr. Andy Galpin. “What Springbok can do right now is already incredibly impactful. I’ve been scanned myself and we’ve done it with clients. I’ve been really impressed. Springbok has the potential to unlock things that we have been wondering about, physiologically and scientifically, for decades. I didn’t think we would ever get the answers to these questions until I saw Springbok’s technology in action.”

Founded on over 13 years of research and scientific validation, Springbok is the only commercialized technology capable of unlocking the full value and expanded use of MRI for muscle health. Its AI-based technology transforms complex MRI data into simple 3D visualizations of one’s exact musculature, creating a new standard in muscle health and reinventing how life sciences, elite sports, and human performance organizations deliver precision medicine to the individual at scale.

In addition to his work with elite athletes, Dr. Galpin founded RAPID Health Optimization, where he brings a cutting-edge, research-led approach to drive health span and longevity improvements for clients. “I have done thousands of muscle biopsies and analyzed over a million individual muscle cells to be able to look at muscles individually. What Springbok has done is reduce so many barriers across athletic training, physical therapy, strength and conditioning, human performance, and pre- and post-surgery. The limitations to understand and visualize muscle are gone,” continued Dr. Galpin.

“We are honored that Dr. Galpin is joining our advisory board and committing his time and knowledge to furthering our positive impact on the human condition,” said Springbok CEO and Co-Founder Scott Magargee. “His experience, credentials and reputation speak for themselves and his involvement with us further reinforces the scientific integrity on which Springbok is based. Our origins as a company are in the research world with direct applications to human performance, life sciences and longevity, and we look forward to helping Dr. Galpin continue to push boundaries and improve our collective understanding about the health and performance of millions of people.”

Recognized by the Sports Business Journal as the best athlete performance technology for 2024, Springbok recently announced a partnership with the NFL’s Houston Texans as well as its involvement with a groundbreaking pilot study alongside GE HealthCare and the NBA. Elite sports teams use Springbok to personalize athlete care and ultimately improve the health and longevity of their players. “Springbok lets us analyze individual muscles, as well as muscle groups, to really see what the whole body is doing, much faster than before and at a fraction of the cost. This technology is going to make a dent in the world of human performance,” concluded Dr. Galpin.

Springbok’s muscle health analysis is available across the US through its imaging partners. A full body scan takes under 40 minutes of imaging time, and a lower extremity scan takes less than 10 minutes. Reach out here to find an imaging center near you and set up a scan today.

About Springbok Analytics:

Springbok is a life sciences muscle analytics company that drives better health and performance outcomes.

Its technology analyzes MRI data and creates personalized 3D visualizations of muscle health, enhancing the assessment, treatment monitoring, research and diagnostic value of advanced imaging. Springbok’s rapid imaging sequence and AI-based analysis reveals a complete view of musculoskeletal health, precisely quantified individual muscle volume and quality, fat infiltration, left-right asymmetries, as well as scar tissue, edema, and tendon morphology.

To learn more about how Springbok is creating a better view of health, please visit www.springbokanalytics.com.