FE International Advises Acquisition of Geo Targetly by Itrinity

NEW YORK, May 29, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — FE International, Inc., the global market leader in mid-market technology mergers and acquisitions, announces the strategic acquisition of Geo Targetly, an all-in-one geo-targeting platform, by Itrinity, a SaaS portfolio operator specializing in fast-growing international tech companies, with millions of users.

Geo Targetly is a tool designed to help global websites or e-commerce businesses with audiences from different geographic locations. This is the second acquisition Itrinity has made with FE International. In 2018, they acquired Email List Verify, an email deliverability tool. This latest purchase continues to build out their suite of profitable SaaS businesses.

“The acquisition of Geo Targetly marks a significant milestone in our commitment to cutting-edge solutions. It expands our digital reach and strengthens website personalization. Geo Targetly, a leader in geolocation-based personalization, brings a robust SMB e-commerce customer base. This acquisition boosts our portfolio seamlessly. We’re excited about Geo Targetly’s future with us. Together, we’ll set new standards in website personalization, driving improved conversions,” said Michal Aftanas, CEO of Itrinity.

“The journey of growing Geo Targetly all the way to its acquisition has been truly exciting. It has been a pleasure working with the teams at both FE International and Itrinity throughout the acquisition process. I am confident that Itrinity has the skills and expertise to take Geo Targetly to the next level, and I look forward to watching it grow,” said Varun Ramesh, CEO and Founder of Geo Targetly.

“Nothing is more rewarding than working with a buyer or seller we’ve worked with in the past. We’re so happy we got to play a part in this deal. We hope to continue working with Itrinity for more deals in the future, and wish both parties continued success,” said Randal Stephenson, the Head of Investment Banking at FE International.

This acquisition marks Itrinity’s fifth since 2018. Its SaaS portfolio currently contains six fast-growing businesses with over 6.5 million users globally, including Apple, Cisco, BMW, and NASA.

About Itrinity
Itrinity is a rapidly expanding SaaS portfolio operator based in Slovakia and Czechia, with a mission to build an ever-growing portfolio of highly profitable SaaS businesses. The portfolio currently boasts six fast-growing and highly profitable businesses with over 6,500,000 users across the globe, including household names such as Apple, Cisco, BMW, and even NASA. Profitable since day 1 and growing over 30% in EBITDA (YoY) for the last 5 years.
For more information, visit www.itrinity.com

About Geo Targetly
Geo Targetly is a leading website geo personalization software enabling precise delivery of page redirects, smart links, and content based on visitors’ location, including country, state/region, and city. Intuitive dashboard facilitates effortless integration of geo-targeted elements for users of all skill levels. Geo Targetly is designed to help multinational and global companies that operate websites or e-commerce businesses with audiences from different geo-locations.
For more information, visit www.geotargetly.com

About FE International
Founded in 2010, FE is known for its extensive network of pre-qualified international investors. Its team includes experts in exit planning, valuation, accounting, legal and more. FE serves clients worldwide with headquarters in New York and regional offices in Miami, San Francisco, London, Mumbai, and Warsaw. It was named one of The Americas’ Fastest Growing Companies in 2024, 2023, 2022, 2021 and 2020 by The Financial Times and is also a five-time Inc. 5000 company. For more information, visit www.feinternational.com.