The BlackRock Foundation Invests in Spartanburg Academic Movement

SPARTANBURG, S.C.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Spartanburg Academic Movement today announced a $1.5 million grant award from The BlackRock Foundation. The new funds will enable SAM to support the creation of cradle-to-career model in Union County, while also granting funds to local Union County based direct service providers serving youth and families, and deepening no-cost professional training for local educators.

The cradle-to-career model emphasizes continuous education and skill development from early childhood through adulthood, aligning educational efforts with workforce needs. By providing comprehensive support and guidance at every stage of development, SAM’s model helps individuals gain the necessary skills, knowledge, and resources to pursue their careers and succeed in the workforce.

SAM’s success as a leading education-focused nonprofit in Spartanburg County led to the planning and development of Movement 2030, a 7.5-year comprehensive cradle-to-career plan for Spartanburg County. Movement 2030 has garnered significant philanthropic support, totaling $100 million from notable contributors including Blue Meridian Partners, The Duke Endowment, Blue Cross Blue Shield South Carolina and over a dozen individual, corporate, and philanthropic investors locally. Notably, SAM recently secured a 5-year, $15 million Full-Service Community Schools grant from the Department of Education. This grant will bolster two Spartanburg School Districts, leveraging Movement 2030 as its core framework for sustainable impact.

“Union County and Spartanburg are more than just neighboring communities; we’re partners in progress, united in our commitment to building a brighter future together,” said Spartanburg Academic Movement CEO and StriveTogether Board Chair Dr. Russell Booker. “The BlackRock Foundation recognizes that the success of Union’s children is paramount to the future local workforce. Our shared vision extends from early childhood education to career development, fostering a cradle-to-career pipeline of opportunity. With over a dozen years on this cradle-to-career journey, we are eager to support Union as they craft a plan tailored to their community’s needs.”

The BlackRock Foundation is a private foundation established by BlackRock, Inc., a leading investment manager which manages retirement plan assets for more than 35 million Americans,1 and helps manage pension assets for more than half a million South Carolinians.2 Additionally, more than 240,000 people work for South Carolina-based companies that have access to a BlackRock retirement product.3 The BlackRock Foundation, which is part of BlackRock’s philanthropic strategy, is focused on creating economic security and mobility for underserved communities by helping families save and invest for their financial future.

“The Foundation’s grant reflects our belief in the untapped potential of this community and aims to build economic mobility. We look forward to seeing the economic opportunities it will create. Today’s announcement is a shared endeavor, one that honors the aspirations of Union residents and paves the way for long-term financial security.”

Claire Chamberlain, President, The BlackRock Foundation.

“The backbone of every community’s economic development success is the betterment of the people in that community. We are very excited and optimistic that the cradle-to-career program initiated by this collaboration will benefit Union County employers and citizens for years to come. On behalf of Union County, I want to thank all of the partners that will be involved to continue moving Union County forward.”

Dolton Williams, Union County Development Board.

“We are fortunate to have strong partnerships in our community. Our school district is very appreciative of the support from SAM and The BlackRock Foundation which provides this opportunity for our partnerships to grow and streamline our focus and collaboration on the cradle-to-career model.”

Joey Haney, Union County Schools Superintendent.

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Created in February 2020, The BlackRock Foundation focuses on creating economic security and mobility for underserved communities by helping families save and invest for their financial future.

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