Christie’s International Real Estate Group Partners with Deep Blocks

Christie’s International Real Estate Group LLC. and Deep Blocks Inc. (Deepblocks), an artificial intelligence company focused on data digitization, algorithmic services, and software development in the real estate industry, announced their exclusive partnership to develop lead generation and other AI-based products for Christie’s International’s real estate brokers.

Through this partnership, Christie’s International Real Estate Group will implement Deepblocks technologies across their network, collaborating on new ventures that will significantly enhance brokerage productivity. The joint team plans to start work immediately and expects their inaugural products to roll out within the next couple of months.

According to Olivia Ramos, CEO of Deepblocks, her company’s unique AI technology “can streamline data standardization and enhance pattern recognition at a level that is unattainable by humans.”  For example, she notes: “The AI’s ability to rapidly process and evaluate information will allow real estate brokers to canvas entire cities for investment opportunities up to 800 times faster than traditional methods, enabling them to quickly identify properties that perfectly meet the requirements of developers and buyers, increasing the volume and speed of transactions and enhancing the ability to secure listings that align precisely with market demands.”

A recent project led by Deepblocks – which involved canvassing all 857,199 properties existing in New York City to pinpoint underutilized properties – demonstrated AI’s power and efficiency to redefine how we approach real estate analytics and decision-making. “This task would require around 5,863 hours of manual documentation and analysis. However, our innovative approach condensed this process into just 6–8 hours of algorithm design,” Ramos remarked.

Christie’s International Real Estate Group is equally eager to embark on this new chapter with Deepblocks: “We are always looking at how to deliver the next level of service to our clients and to create continuous growth opportunities for our agents,” said Ilija Pavlovic, CEO of Christie’s International Real Estate Group. “AI has definitely entered our lives, bringing exciting unlimited opportunities. From the first moment that I met Olivia and learned about Deepblocks’ seven-year pioneering work in creating a very unique database specific to the real estate industry, I had no doubts that we found the right partner with whom to enter into this new AI universe. Entering this long-term partnership, in the beginning, we will be focused on lead generation programs and connecting sellers and buyers with their perfect solutions. With endless possibilities, we will continue to introduce new products and tools through this exciting partnership,” added Mr. Pavlovic.

About Christie’s International Real Estate Group 

With more than 1,000 associates and 30 offices, Christie’s International Real Estate Group is the exclusive affiliate of Christie’s International Real Estate serving clients in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.  The company’s flagship office is located at 1 Rockefeller Plaza in Manhattan, just steps away from Christie’s Auction House. Christie’s International Real Estate maintains a close relationship with Christie’s, creating unique marketing opportunities and synergies between the worlds of high-end real estate, art and luxury goods. In addition to Christie’s International Real Estate Group’s local and regional real estate expertise in New York City and the tri-state area, the company is globally connected through the Christie’s real estate network in more than 50 countries with annual sales of more than $100 billion. As the premier global luxury real estate brand, Christie’s International Real Estate services clients at the highest level, with trust and integrity, providing passionate expertise and exceptional customer service. For further information, contact 212-590-2473 or, and visit

About Deep Blocks Inc. (Deepblocks)

Deepblocks is an AI company that develops technologies to accurately understand and predict real estate investment opportunities. We independently digitize vast datasets to deliver precise, parcel-level development insights. By integrating key data layers such as demographics, economics, and construction activities into a comprehensive GIS-like interface, Deepblocks equips real estate professionals with powerful analytical tools. This enables developers, investors, and industry experts to make well-informed, strategic decisions quickly and confidently.