CADDi Appoints Aaron Lober As VP Of Marketing

CHICAGO, May 22, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — CADDi, a leading manufacturing solutions provider, is pleased to announce the appointment of Aaron Lober as Vice President of Marketing. With a wealth of experience spanning over 15 years across diverse industries, Lober joins CADDi to spearhead strategic marketing initiatives aimed at propelling the company’s growth and advancing digital transformation in manufacturing.

Throughout his career, Lober has successfully launched and shepherded products across various industries, navigating every phase of their lifecycle with finesse. He has managed portfolios exceeding $100 million, demonstrating his ability to drive substantial growth and value creation. Notably, Lober played a pivotal role in guiding Procore to its public offering, showcasing his knack for strategic leadership and market positioning.

At Procore, Lober launched the company’s first data and analytics product, Procore Analytics, in 2020—the first successful predictive analytics tool in the construction project management ecosystem. He also oversaw the launch of Procore Estimating in 2021, which featured machine learning applications using OCR (object character recognition) to extract metadata from drawings, a process closely aligned with CADDi’s technological approach.

“As we position ourselves for exponential growth, Aaron’s appointment underscores our commitment to assembling a top-tier team,” said Yushiro Kato, CEO and Co-Founder of CADDi. “His deep understanding of marketing strategy will be instrumental in amplifying the reach and impact of CADDi Drawer, further solidifying its position as a game-changer in the industry and driving strategic growth.”

Most recently, Lober served as the Head of Marketing at Blameless, where he led transformative marketing initiatives and significantly elevated the brand’s visibility within the incident management industry.

In the midst of rapid digital transformation in the manufacturing sector, CADDi remains at the forefront with its revolutionary flagship product, CADDi Drawer—an AI-powered drawing management system designed to revolutionize the way manufacturers operate. CADDi Drawer seamlessly integrates engineering, procurement, and sales teams onto a single platform, providing an interconnected web of actionable manufacturing data. With its advanced AI capabilities, CADDi Drawer empowers users to streamline procurement processes, accelerate project timelines, and reduce operational costs.

“I’m thrilled to join CADDi at such a pivotal moment,” said Aaron Lober, newly appointed Vice President of Marketing at CADDi. “Digitization has created amazing opportunities for manufacturers to enhance productivity and profitability up and down the supply chain. That said, most organizations haven’t yet been able to fully harness that potential. What we’re doing at CADDi is going to help manufacturing organizations of every size and type take that next step.”

CADDi was recently recognized in Fast Company’s annual list of the Most Innovative Companies for 2024. Lober’s appointment will further strengthen the brand’s position as a leader in digital manufacturing solutions, driving sustainable growth and empowering manufacturers to thrive in the digital age.

About CADDi Inc.
CADDi is a global manufacturing company on a mission to “unleash the potential of manufacturing.” The company strives to transform the manufacturing industry through its primary offering, “CADDi Drawer,” an AI-enabled drawing management system, helping further unlock the potential of manufacturing by significantly improving the efficiency of procurement teams. CADDi was recently named to Fast Company’s 2024 Most Innovative Companies list as the only manufacturing technology company.