Gravity Releases New Universal EV Charging “Trees” for City Streets

Designed for Gravitys 200kW and 500kW DEAPs, the new on-street system can be easily used by any vehicle make or model, eliminates trip hazards and facilitates rapid turnover of curbside parking spaces. 

Given scale of curbside programs, even a modest deployment of curbside DEAPs will quickly become the largest fast-charging network in the U.S.

Gravity, the EV infrastructure startup that just opened the fastest charging site in America, has released a new universal on-street mounting and cable system, dubbed DEAP Trees,” for its 200kW and 500kW Distributed Energy Access Points (DEAPs). Given the scale of existing and expected public curbside charging programs—encompassing tens of thousands of parking spaces—Gravity is striving to develop a network of on-street DEAP charging more expansive than Teslas current Supercharger network.

Gravitys engineers in collaboration with globally renowned design firm, Rangr Studio, took up the challenge of solving all the frictions in curbside charging today. Each Gravity universal DEAP Tree has a hinged swing arm holding a cable that pivots down when charging begins, allowing it to reach the port of every make and model. When charging is completed, the arm raises automatically and the EV connector seamlessly latches back onto the pole and out of sight. The device is operable with minimal effort and avoids the long cables (or requirement for a user-supplied cable) common to other systems—preventing tripping hazards, obstacles to accessibility and potential vandalism.

DEAP Trees require no utility upgrades to bring high-speed charging to the curbside capable of providing 200 miles of range in either 13 minutes (200kW) or 5 minutes (500kW)—accommodating multiple charging sessions per space each hour. This is orders of magnitude faster than the 8-10 hours required for Level 2 curbside chargers, like those currently deployed in cities like New York through early pilot programs and several times the capacity of Teslas common 72kW or 150kW Superchargers. 

Right now, American cities are choosing the curbside charging that drivers will use for decades to come. Unfortunately, many are looking to obsolete overnight Level 2 charging with cables that clutter sidewalks and that dont fit the needs of urban EV drivers. EV drivers require and deserve so much better. We took up the challenge of making every aspect of the on-street charging experience faster and better and cant wait to deploy our new DEAP Trees by the thousands. With even partial adoption by American cities, this product alone could quickly become the largest fast charging network in America, eclipsing even the Supercharger network,” said Moshe Cohen, Founder and CEO of Gravity. Inc.

Key Features of Gravitys Articulated DEAP Trees:

  • Developed for Gravity’s 200kW and 500kW DEAPs capable of fully charging an EV in 5 to 13 minutes. All systems deliver 1000V.
  • Retractor-less cable management capable of reaching charging ports on any EV make or model
  • Bidirectional-ready, providing for a host of grid resiliency benefits and new revenue streams for cities
  • No tripping hazards, designed to prevent vandalism or damage from misuse
  • Minimal visual profile that won’t clutter streets
  • Suitable for both metered and residential parking areas
  • Designed to accommodate other smart city technologies, such as traffic safety cameras, colored LED street and curbside lighting, 5G, public Wi-Fi, air quality sensors and integrated audio/video for public communication

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