Atlas Real Estate Partners Appoints Brad Schwartzmann SVP and Promotes Zach Chilelli to VP

Atlas Real Estate Partners, a leading private multifamily investment and development firm, positions itself for continued growth by welcoming Brad Schwartzmann as Senior Vice President of Asset Management and promoting Zach Chilelli to Vice President of Investor Relations.

“Fueled by the long-term tailwinds within the multifamily sector and continued growth of the firm, these appointments position Atlas for a strong future,” said Alex Foster, Managing Partner and Co-founder of Atlas. “The expansion of the team ensures we continue to execute on the most attractive opportunities in the multifamily market, while also delivering exceptional value to our investors.”

Brad Schwartzmann will serve as Senior Vice President of Asset Management at Atlas Real Estate Partners based out of the Miami office. In this role, Brad has direct oversight of all facets of asset management and portfolio optimization across the company’s holdings. Prior to joining Atlas, Brad was the Senior Vice President and Head of Asset Management at One Real Estate Investment, a real estate private equity firm in Miami. During his tenure at One, Brad played a pivotal role in the underwriting, financial modeling, due-diligence, and maximizing the value of a multifamily portfolio exceeding $2 billion (15,000 units) across Texas and the Southeast.

Zach Chilelli is being promoted to Vice President of Investor Relations and is responsible for fundraising, expanding the firm’s investor base, serving the needs of existing investors, and investment reporting. He is based out of the New York office. Prior to this position, he was a core team member of the Atlas finance and operations team, assisting with accounting, tax, operations, and supporting the asset management function. He has been responsible for implementing successful change management initiatives across the company that have increased efficiencies, both internally and externally, within various verticals of the business.

About Atlas Real Estate Partners

Atlas Real Estate Partners, which was founded in 2009, is a multifamily private investment and development firm with offices in New York and Miami. The firm has executed more than 50 deals, including over 10,000 apartment units, with combined value of $1.5 billion. For more information visit