S&P Global Executives Recognized by Empower Role Model Lists 2024 for Driving Inclusion in the Workplace

S&P Global today announced that three executives have been recognized by INvolve’s 2024 Empower Role Model Lists, supported by YouTube. These lists celebrate leaders who are tirelessly advocating and driving increased representation and inclusion of people of color within the global workplace.

“It’s an honor to receive this recognition alongside my colleagues. It’s through the efforts and commitment of all our people that we achieve a culture that fosters diversity and belonging,” said Martina Cheung, President, S&P Global Ratings.   

“Embracing diversity in leadership not only transforms perspectives but also elevates the quality of our work. A variety of experiences and insights are the engines of innovation, propelling us onward. Recognizing and valuing each person’s unique contributions is essential—it signifies our collective growth and success,” stated Swamy Kocherlakota, Chief Digital Solutions Officer, S&P Global.

“By championing diversity and equity, we’re able to create an inclusive environment where individuals from all different backgrounds feel valued and empowered,” said Dan Draper, CEO, S&P Dow Jones Indices. “I am honored to be named among Empower’s Advocates Role Model List.”

S&P Global Colleagues on the 2024 Empower Role Model Lists include:

Empower Executives Role Model List:   
Martina Cheung, President, S&P Global Ratings
Swamy Kocherlakota, Chief Digital Solutions Officer, S&P Global

Empower Advocates Role Model List:
Dan Draper, CEO, S&P Global Dow Jones Indices

In 2023, 13 S&P Global executives were featured on various INvovle Role Model Lists, including Empower, Heroes and Outstanding. Learn more about S&P Global’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion on the company website.

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