Janet Marie Smith to Receive ALSD Visionary Award 2024 at LA Conference

Known markedly for her work on iconic ballparks such as Oriole Park at Camden Yards in Baltimore, which set the standard for a new wave of ballparks after its opening in 1992, and renovations and expansions to Fenway Park in Boston and Dodger Stadium in L.A., the name Janet Marie Smith is synonymous with innovative sports architecture and urban planning.

In 2022, Janet Marie Smith and Fran Weld formed Baltimore based “Canopy”, a woman-led company devoted to the design and management of business strategies for sport projects and surrounding developments. Dedicated to urban revitalization and community enrichment, Canopy specializes in large-scale projects working with teams, universities and developers to seamlessly blend sports, design, and urban planning as well as intimate scales within museums, retail, and public parks.

During the past 12 years, Smith has overseen the large-scale improvement and expansion projects at Dodger Stadium and Campo Las Palmas, the club’s home in the Dominican Republic and also worked with the Philadelphia Phillies, the Pittsburgh Pirates, the Paris Basketball team and Chelsea Football Club on projects that are designed to improve the fan and player experiences.

“When ALSD decided to hold our 2024 annual conference in Los Angeles, our team felt compelled to ask Janet Marie Smith to accept our Visionary Award, the sole individual award at our annual conference. The award is presented to a universally appreciated and passionate industry leader. It praises innovation, and in most cases celebrates the intangibles. In the case of Janet Marie Smith, we certainly celebrate her tangible achievements too!” -Amanda Verhoff, President, ALSD.

Hear more from Janet Marie as she receives the Visionary Award at the 2024 ALSD Conference in LA this July.