PackLeader PetTrackers and Founder Jamie Genereux Resolve Defamation Lawsuit Against Missing Dogs Massachusetts

Pet Tracking Company Settles Case in Massachusetts Superior Court, Middlesex County, civil action case number 1981CV00729

Jamie Genereux, founder of PackLeader PetTrackers, has announced their resolution of the defamation lawsuit brought against Missing Dogs Massachusetts. His relentless and unwavering pursuit of this legal action reinforces PackLeader PetTrackers’ commitment to being able to provide top-notch professional expertise and assistance to lost pet owners and to upholding high ethical standards in the pet tracking and dog recovery industry.

The claims settled relate to allegations that through a systematic campaign on social media and via direct contact with lost dog owners, directors and volunteers of Missing Dogs Massachusetts have for years actively discouraged lost dog owners from using Genereux and his company by defaming, disparaging and casting doubt on his skills, knowledge and character and interfering with his business.  Additional claims in the lawsuit are ongoing against Worcester Digital Marketing LLC, owned and operated by Aidan Kearney, also known as Turtleboy, where evidence gathered shows that Missing Dogs Massachusetts’ volunteers, with the knowledge of the organization’s President, collaborated with Turtleboy to widely disseminate false, misleading and disparaging information on Turtleboy’s website and social media channels in an effort to tarnish the reputation of Genereux and his company.

For further information about plaintiffs Jamie Genereux and PackLeader PetTrackers versus Missing Dogs Massachusetts Corporation; Worcester Digital Marketing LLC; Kristin Ericson; Melinda Lawrence; and Dawn Titus-Bankert, all case filings can be found at The first amended complaint can be found at

“The terms of the settlement are confidential but I’m happy with the resolution, which will not only help restore our reputation, but also reaffirms the critical importance of integrity in the face of trying circumstances. We challenged and stood firm against accusations and statements made toward me and my company” said Jamie Genereux, founder of PackLeader PetTrackers. “We extend our gratitude to everyone who has supported us and to our legal team for their tireless efforts in defending our reputation and ensuring this resolution. We look forward to continuing our steadfast commitment to helping locate beloved missing pets for their rightful owners.”

Genereux’s training in search and rescue (SAR) for humans, combined with decades spent as an outdoorsman observing, interacting with and tracking a variety of animals, gives him an advantage over perceived competitors in his field. Jamie started his career with Rhode Island Canine Search & Rescue, training search dogs to find missing people, specifically after natural and man-made disasters, and also accumulating state certifications in land navigation and basic search and rescue. Complementing that experience included eight years as a full-time private investigator, refining his investigative skills, including camera and video surveillance, and interacting regularly with witnesses and law enforcement. With nearly two decades of search, investigation, tracking and K-9 training experience, Genereux started PackLeader PetTrackers in 2010 and has assisted in locating hundreds of missing pets for their respective owners since. For more information, please visit

About PackLeader PetTrackers:

PackLeader PetTrackers is a professional pet tracking company with a long record of success using scent dogs to help locate missing pets. Their extensive background in K-9 training and handling, land navigation, animal tracking and trapping and thermal drone search strategy and deployment, combined with their search dogs’ ability to pick up and follow a specific scent on land, in the air, or in water, sets them far apart from any ordinary pet trackers and search K-9 teams. Their process is based on years of experience with lost pet behavior, decades of experience in scent theory, with practical field application in countless cases. Their record of getting answers for their clients is a reflection of how well they’ve honed that process.