The Latino Donor Collaborative Appoints Pancho Gonzalez, CEO of Lopez Dorada Foods, to its Board of Directors

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The Latino Donor Collaborative—an independently funded 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and think tank dedicated to reframing and advancing the accurate perception, portrayal, and understanding of the crucial contributions that U.S. Latinos make to American Society—proudly announces the appointment of Francisco “Pancho” Gonzalez, Chief Executive Officer of Lopez Dorada Foods, to its esteemed Board of Directors.

With a distinguished career spanning more than three decades in the restaurant industry and a deep commitment to community engagement, Gonzalez brings invaluable expertise and leadership to the LDC. His outstanding achievements have also been recognized with accolades such as the prestigious “Golden Arch Award” and the “Outstanding Plan Execution Award” among others during his long career as a franchisee and officer with McDonald’s Corporation internationally and in the US.

“We are honored to welcome Pancho Gonzalez to our Board of Directors,” said Ana Valdez, CEO of the LDC. “Pancho’s trailblazing leadership and passionate advocacy will be an invaluable asset for the Latino Donor Collaborative. His voice will amplify our vital mission in powerful new ways.”

“As a co-founder of the Latino Donor Collaborative, I’ve been privileged to witness the incredible impact of this organization in promoting a fact-based understanding of the Latino community. Pancho Gonzalez embodies the values and vision that drive our work,” added Sol Trujillo, Chairman and Co-Founder of the LDC.

“I’m thrilled to join the LDC board. As a Latino business leader, I’ve seen firsthand the immense economic contributions of the Hispanic community. I’m excited to join the LDC Board of Directors to continue shining a light on the impact of Latinos in America,” said Pancho Gonzalez.

About the Latino Donor Collaborative

Founded in 2010, the LDC aims to provide reputable data to help create a fact-based understanding of Latinos in the United States and to promote an accurate narrative about U.S. Latinos grounded in facts rather than myths, preconceived notions, or stereotypes. It has produced more than 29 original research reports in partnership with some of the most prestigious academic institutions and think tanks, including Stanford University, Columbia University, Accenture, and Wells Fargo. These reports demonstrate the significant economic impact of U.S. Latinos across all industries and at all levels.

The Latino Donor Collaborative is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. We are self-funded, non-partisan, and founded by an accomplished group of national Latino leaders who generously donate their time to foster friendly, high-level dialogue with the goal of identifying the best ways to grow revenue and market share by targeting and serving Latino audiences.