Lamons to Acquire ModuHouston from Modumetal

Lamons, a global leader in safety sealing and attachment solutions, today announced the asset acquisition of ModuHouston from Modumetal. Now known as ModuCoatings, ModuHouston is a location that provides coating application of the field-proven NanoGalv zinc-nickel plating system for bolting and fastener applications. The acquisition is a significant milestone in the company’s commitment to innovation and providing industry leading solutions.

“This acquisition represents our dedication to find new ways to solve the many challenges facing our customers while continuing to provide coating application services to the broader community,” said Marc Roberts, Lamons CEO. “Additionally, we believe that this technology is a great alternative to corrosion systems that potentially may face issues with PFAS while providing an extended corrosion protection life.”

“Modumetal is focused on bringing innovative solutions to extend meantime between failure (MTBF) attributable to corrosion and wear. In the evolving landscape of the oil and gas industry, companies have increasingly adopted NanoGalv for their projects. With this acquisition, Lamons will accelerate the implementation of this technology by providing seamless access to NanoGalv plated products,” said Santosh Mathilakath, President & CEO, Modumetal. “Modumetal will continue to focus on delivering superior corrosion and wear solutions and support existing and new customers as well as ModuCoatings with its technology.”

NanoGalv is a nano laminated coating designed specifically for corrosion resistance in harsh operating environments for various industries including energy, infrastructure, defense, automotive, water and wastewater, and heavy equipment manufacturing. NanoGalv is a Modumetal proprietary zinc-nickel coating that offers superior performance, competitively and with substantial sustainability benefits.

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About Lamons

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About Modumetal

Modumetal was founded in 2006 to advance the state-of-the-art development in a new class of metals known as nanolaminated metals. The company has developed and commercially deployed a patented nanolamination process to combat the effects of corrosion. With a commitment to producing novel technologies in an environmentally sustainable manner, Modumetal’s innovative alloys exceed the performance limitations of conventional materials and can be applied at an industrial level. To learn more, visit