Blue Ridge Associates Acquires TSC 401K

Blue Ridge Associates, a leading provider of tech-enabled administration and compliance solutions for employer-sponsored ESOP and qualified retirement plan benefits, announced today that is has acquired Tax Sheltered Compensation, Inc.  The addition of TSC significantly expands Blue Ridge’s service offering, resource capacity, technical expertise, geographical coverage, and cements Blue Ridge as a top tier provider within the US retirement services industry.

“Our strategy has long been to create complimentary, market leading, people first businesses that leverage technology to enable our clients to provide wealth building benefits to their employees with peace of mind,” said Bill Yoerger, CEO of Blue Ridge.  “After getting to know Gary, Matt and the TSC team intimately, it was abundantly clear they were the perfect partner to advance our strategic objectives and I’m delighted to welcome them to the Blue Ridge family.”

Established in 1966, TSC has been a market leader in administration and compliance solutions for all types of employer-sponsored qualified retirement plans, serving 3,100 plans covering over 152,000 participants across the small and middle-market business community.

“When Gary and I made the decision to look for a partner that could provide an optimal succession plan while helping take TSC to the next level, preserving our legacy, our associates and our hands-on, concierge approach to servicing our clients were non-negotiable requirements,” said Matt Slyter, President of TSC. “After an exhaustive search process, in addition to checking all the boxes, the complimentary fit between ESOP and qualified retirement savings plans made Blue Ridge the obvious choice for TSC and we could not be more excited to partner with the Blue Ridge team to better serve our collective clients.”

About Blue Ridge Associates
Founded in 1988, Blue Ridge is a leading provider of administration and compliance solutions for employer-sponsored ESOP and qualified retirement plan benefits serving 8,200 plans covering over 682,000 participants. The Company offers a full suite of tech-enabled services, including recordkeeping, administration, compliance, consulting, communication, and education for tax advantage employer sponsored ESOP plans, as well as all types of qualified retirement plans.  The Company’s integrated, best-of-breed delivery model, proprietary technology platform, and established network of strategic distribution partners, make it easy for employers to provide wealth building benefits to employees.

About TSC
Founded in 1966, TSC is a premier retirement plan services provider that offers expert retirement plan consulting, design, and administration solutions for businesses and their financial advisors.  As one of the oldest and largest retirement plan services providers in the United States, TSC has a long and proven history of providing expert design, compliance, and reporting services for all types of qualified retirement plans to small and middle-market businesses.