Michael Ogunsanya Interviews Micky Wolf, CEO at Dent Education

Micky Wolf is a social entrepreneur and community builder co-creating more equitable, innovative, and joyful communities. He is the CEO of Dent Education, a Baltimore non-profit that runs paid innovation programs where creative youth aged 14-24 build durable mindsets, social capital, and innovation careers. He was Dent’s first full-time hire in 2018 as a Venture for America Fellow.

Micky also hosts meaningful gatherings as a Co-Founder of Seam, a values-driven community weaving a new social fabric with folks in their twenties and thirties. In Baltimore he is active in interreligious community building and progressive politics.

He is a University of Texas at Austin alumnus where he co-founded the Social Entrepreneurship Learning Lab and was Student Body Vice President. Micky loves meaningful and meandering conversations over shared meals, documenting family history, and saying yes to new adventures.

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Michael Ogunsanya is an exited entrepreneur, UMBC alumni, keynote speaker, and podcast host based in Baltimore County. He co-founded and led MindStand AI from 2019 until its successful exit in 2023, focusing on fostering inclusive online communities through AI. Michael works as a business analyst at T. Rowe Price and mentors early-stage founders to help them advance their businesses. He also co-hosts “Why Yall Working,” a podcast that demystifies tech trends and shares founders’ journeys to building multi-million dollar businesses, alongside Alairé Jameson. His experiences and insights make him an impactful mentor in the Equitech community. Michael’s work continues to impact and inspire many in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

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Interview Questions:

Q1: Start with Dent overview

  • Cover specific stories of program success or Denter success stories like Shani’a or AJ or Josh

Q2: What is the Bmore youth innovation coalition?

Q3: Why do you think Bmore is poised to take best advantage of this

Q4: Whats unique about this vs the youth work study programs? Can’t we just

  • What outcomes come from this that’s unique

Q5: Sharing my experience as a coach, what does M@D mean and do for students?

  • How can this help coaches and students alike?

Q6: I notice a lot of students come from Poly and City, has that happened organizally?

  • How do you prioritize a wide net of Bmore city schools?
  • Some students may respond much better to your curriculum to boost their performance

Dent Education co-creates an equitable future with Baltimore youth who activate durable mindsets, social capital, and innovation careers to  shape the world around them.

We are a youth innovation hub and run paid innovation programs where high schoolers learn skills like 3D printing, product design, and A.I., apply design thinking mindsets, launch real-world ventures, and are supported in our network until age 24 as they become tomorrow’s entrepreneurs, designers, engineers, and technologists starting today.

Dent’s long-term vision is to close the racial wealth gap through homegrown talent leading a thriving innovation ecosystem in Baltimore!

You can learn more about Dent, our programs, impact, approach, and vision in our:

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