Java with Jim Interviews Pamela Downes, Founding Partner at Rev Creative Group

Jim Ries, Director of Business Development at Offit Kurman, and Pamela Downes, Founding Partner at REV Creative Group, share how REV stands out in creative marketing with an outsourced CMO model, providing clients expert teams without internal hiring. Pamela highlights her inclusive services for diverse industries sharing marketing needs.

Pamela showcases REV Creative Group’s culture, stressing organic team growth and strategic initiatives that birthed REV Talent, serving HR communication gaps. By aligning with client values, REV drives mutual success through purposeful collaboration, prioritizing effective communication for retention and morale.

Pamela’s plans include expanding connections in the DMV area, building client relations and exploring HR-focused opportunities. Tailored solutions for healthcare brokers and collaborations leveraging her creative background are on the horizon, presenting growth prospects for REV Creative Group. To learn more about Pamela and REV Creative Group, visit

Pamela Downes, Founding Partner at Rev Creative Group


Jim Ries – Offit Kurman