Fearless Appoints Jacob Hsu as Executive Chair

Fearless is in an exciting period of growth. We’re accelerating toward our 2030 vision: positively impact 100 million lives across 10 countries while achieving $1 billion in revenue.

To fuel this growth and empower our customers and their missions, we’re deepening our capabilities in cutting-edge areas. Through strategic hires and acquisitions, we’re strengthening our cybersecurity, national security, and artificial intelligence (AI) expertise. That way, we can equip our customers with the tools they need to serve the public.

To help us achieve these goals, we’re excited to welcome two new executives to the Fearless team: Jacob Hsu, Fearless’ Executive Chair, and Joe Paiva, Fearless’ Chief Operating Officer.

“Jacob and Joe are exactly the type of visionary leaders we need. They’ll catapult Fearless forward as we redefine the boundaries of tech innovation and social impact,” says Delali Dzirasa, Fearless CEO. “Though they have their complementary expertise in a variety of public and private industries, M&A integration, and developing diverse, future-focused team, what is more impressive is the shared commitment to improve lives and impact the world while growing”

As the former CEO of tech firms like Catalyte, Symbio, and Epitome Software, Jacob brings a wealth of leadership experience. His expertise spans business development, operations, M&A, fundraising, and scaling operations.

“We’re thrilled to have Jacob driving the execution of our vision and transformative journey ahead,” says Delali. “His strategic leadership and passion for our mission will take Fearless to new heights of innovation and impact.”

Connecting innovation to purpose for maximum impact.

Jacob never expected to end up at Fearless. “I have always been a fan of Fearless and an admirer of Delali’s incredible entrepreneurial drive,” he says. “Last year I had a unique opportunity to work with Fearless on some public workforce initiatives and saw up-close how the company is built to deliver direct, authentic, and sustainable impact in the world. I’m enthusiastically leaning into the challenge of scaling Fearless’s impact globally as we embark on the next exciting chapter of growth.

As Executive Chair, Jacob will strengthen our organizational structure and align our teams behind a unified vision. His expertise will be a critical asset as we pursue our 2030 goals.

“Fearless embodies the powerful intersection of innovation and purpose,” Jacob remarks. “I’m committed to fostering a culture of excellence while preserving the unique essence that makes Fearless so special.”

Jacob is dedicated to public-private collaboration and developing diverse talent. This, combined with his global mindset and proven ability to scale operations make him an outstanding addition as we navigate an evolving landscape.

Introducing Fearless’ Chief Operating Officer: Joe Paiva.

Headshot of Joe Paiva with purple background.

Joe brings over 30 years of leadership experience from the private and public sectors to Fearless. He’s held senior executive positions as EVP, COO, and CIO/CTO at private and publicly owned companies. He also served in the Senior Executive Service and retired as a Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Army Reserves.

“Joe’s got an impressive background,” says Delali. “He’s worked in small businesses, large businesses, and in M&A. He’s led federal sales at both large and small companies, which means he can implement the process we need while maintaining the speed and agility that underpins Fearless’ dominance as a Digital Services Integrator. We’re excited to have him at Fearless, sharing his knowledge and helping us set up systems for success.”

Proving that profitability and positive impact aren’t mutually exclusive. 

Joe was happily retired before joining Fearless. But our values and mission pulled him back in. “When I saw Fearless’ ethics checklist and learned they’ll turn down work that doesn’t align with those ethics, I knew it was the right place for me,” says Joe. “I’m excited to join a team that believes you can be wildly successful while still doing good.”

As Chief Operating Officer, Joe will provide the critical strategy and process structure needed for Fearless to grow and scale. He’ll also get to prioritize his passion for giving people opportunities for growth and development. “Joe made it clear from day one: supporting our team’s growth and development is key,” says Delali. “If we weren’t creating opportunities for people to learn and take on new challenges, he wasn’t interested in joining Fearless.”

Joe’s wealth of experience across sectors gives him a unique perspective on building high-performing teams. “With Joe as COO, we’re positioning ourselves to provide exceptional client delivery at an even larger scale,” Delali states. “His skills will be invaluable as we invest in our sales team and take on bigger, more impactful projects.”

Looking ahead: The road to impacting 100 million lives.

At Fearless, we’ve made it our business to be a positive force for change. As an impact-focused digital services integrator, we’re on a mission to transform lives around the world.

But it’s not enough to say we want to make an impact. We have to put in place the organizational structures to make that happen.

With Jacob and Joe as our new Executive Chair and Chief Operating Officer, Fearless is positioned to do exactly that. Together, we’ll empower our customers to create a brighter, more equitable future for communities everywhere.