CSA Awarded Two Military Friendly Awards

Client Solution Architects (CSA) announced as a recipient of two distinguished Military Friendly, Corporate America Awards: 2024 Employee Veteran Leadership and 2024 Veteran Champions of the Year.

The 2024 Employee Veteran Leadership Award is given to leaders who embody leadership, teamwork, determination and adaptability, among other characteristics that exemplify the best of American service leaders. CSA’s Chief Executive Officer, Amy Bleken, was named one of this year’s award recipients.

“Leading CSA is proof of how military service experience serves as a dual purpose to equip you with tools to succeed in any business environment,” says Amy Bleken. “It’s an honor to have served our country and continue to serve veteran employees and current service members by providing impactful solutions for our federal clients’ missions.”

The 2024 Veteran Champion of the Year Award recognizes individuals who continuously advocate for veterans, military employees and their families through recruiting initiatives and mentorship.

Heather Kline, one of CSA’s Talent Acquisition Specialists, was named a recipient of this year’s award.

“I amtruly honored to continue to serve on this mission focused CSA team. As a proud Veteran and Military Spouse, it is my solemn duty to champion, empower and positively impact my fellow service members and their families,” says Heather Kline.

These prestigious awards are part of a growing list of recognitions that show CSA’s continuous efforts by CSA to provide opportunities for Veteran employees, current service members, and their families. Both recipients will be featured in a June issue of G.I. Jobs Magazine this summer.

About Client Solution Architects

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