Atlas Restaurant Group’s Plan for a New Bar on Thames Street Stirs Anger and Fear

With their homes backing up to Fells Point’s legendary Thames Streets bars, the residents of Lancaster Street say, noise from the revelry over the years was expected and never bothered them – until the Atlas Restaurant Group moved in.

The trouble started, they say, when Atlas purchased the Waterfront Hotel at 1710 Thames, overhauled the second floor to create a larger venue for live bands and added speakers blasting music out to an open next-door lot (1706 Thames Street) where they enhanced the patio and built an outside bar.

“We have had repeated difficulty over the last two years with the noise levels from the live music at the Waterfront Hotel and the existing outdoor speakers, which reverberate through the common courtyard,” wrote Eben Hansel, a Lancaster Street resident, in a letter to the Baltimore Liquor Board.