Yuno Drives ComparaOnline’s Customer Base To New Heights

ComparaOnline, an insurance and credit marketplace headquartered in Chile, can now accept payment methods in three different countries through a single integration, enabled by Yuno’s innovative technology.

ComparaOnline partnered with Yuno, a leading global payment orchestrator, to improve its transaction processes and saw its payment approval rate jump by 5%. Yuno’s platform enabled ComparaOnline to access all the global payment methods available in Brazil, Chile and Colombia, ComparaOnline’s markets of operation, and integrate the ones that were most relevant to them in just one click.

As a result, ComparaOnline was able to take this burden off the shoulders of its technology team, who no longer had to deal with each payment provider directly – a task that takes a lot of time, effort and local know-how in each of the different geographies. 

Paulo Marchetti, ComparaOnline’s Country Manager for Brazil and former CFO for all of LatAm, commented: “We now enjoy better terms with some acquirers and card brands because we are able to easily direct transactions to providers with the best success rates. What’s more, we can avoid transaction failures and lost sales, as Yuno’s solution enables us to charge through alternate means if one path fails.”

Yuno’s unique routing technology makes it possible for each transaction to go through a specific payment method with multiple providers. Should a transaction be denied by one provider, Yuno swiftly reroutes it to the most efficient pathway, prioritizing the route with the highest acceptance rates, lowest transaction costs, and best customer experience. This innovative approach not only boosts purchase completions and payment approval rates but also drives down costs by intelligently selecting providers offering the most competitive rates at the moment of purchase.

Nathan Marion, Yuno’s General Manager in Brazil, said he is proud to be a part of ComparaOnline’s success: “Our goal is to contribute to a more democratic payments market worldwide, offering solutions that can make a difference and contribute to the success of companies of all sizes. Through our solution, we want to offer companies security and agility, helping them focus more on their core business, while leaving the complexities of payments to us,” he added.

About Yuno

Yuno has emerged as a dominant force in global payment orchestration, with a core mission to empower global commerce by enabling businesses of all sizes to accept and disburse payments anywhere in the world, fostering financial inclusion.

Yuno enables businesses to access over 300 payment methods worldwide as well as innovative features including one-click checkout, AI-enabled smart routing, and robust anti-fraud tools via a single unified, easy-to-use interface. Yuno serves a global customer base that includes McDonald’s, Avianca, inDrive, Rappi and other renowned brands across 60 countries.

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About ComparaOnline

ComparaOnline was founded in 2009 in Chile out of a need to simplify this market with so many complicated terms. It uses technology for a platform that gathers information and allows you to compare prices and characteristics of insurance and financial products. Headquartered in Chile, it currently has offices in Brazil and Colombia. It has been operating in Brazil for over 10 years, with 10 types of product. Among these, the ones that stand out the most are auto insurance, travel insurance, credit cards, loans and current accounts. By aggregating information from the main suppliers in these sectors, the platform allows consumers to make informed decisions efficiently, while also helping traditional suppliers, who are now establishing a new sales channel online.