LunarCrush Launches LunarCrush Earn

LunarCrush Earn launched as multi-dimensional platform, revolutionizes micro-influencer impact with cutting-edge data analysis for marketers

LunarCrush, the platform transforming the landscape of digital asset analysis with cutting-edge social media intelligence and market insight, recently announced the launch of LunarCrush Earn, revolutionizing how creators monetize and businesses expand their reach to get precise performance results.

In today’s dynamic digital landscape, micro-influencers have emerged as preferred figures, particularly resonating with Gen Z consumers who prioritize authenticity and relatability in their online interactions, driving a fundamental shift in how brands approach marketing strategies to foster genuine connections with their audience.

In response to the growing demand for impactful creators and the desire for transparent, results-driven monetization, LunarCrush introduces a groundbreaking solution focused on objective, verified social engagement. By connecting brands directly with suitable creators and ensuring fair compensation based on measured influence, LunarCrush Earn transforms the landscape of social media marketing.

“Launching LunarCrush Earn is an exhilarating moment for us,” says Joe Vezzani, CEO and Co-Founder of LunarCrush. “We’re excited to introduce a platform that builds at the intersection of social media, AI, and Web3, providing amazing brands with unprecedented access to measurable results and verifiable engagement. LunarCrush Earn is a game-changer.”

Brand partners deploying micro-influencer campaigns and leveraging LunarCrush Earn data include API3, Origin Protocol, ALEX, Verasity, Carbon Browser, and more. Through these partnerships, LunarCrush Earn empowers both brands and creators to maximize their reach and achieve tangible results, ushering in a new era of performance-based creator rewards and smart economics.

By utilizing the LunarCrush Earn feature, companies will be able to:

– Discover new ways to deploy micro-influencer campaigns by connecting brands, businesses, and creators through measurable social engagement and verifiable reward
– Drive brand awareness and engagement by generating targeted social campaigns
– Link their business and brands with suitable creators, guaranteeing fair payment specifically for measured influence and delivering smart economics.
– Help creators monetize their social media influence and earn $LUNR, a utility token that powers LunarCrush, unlocking personalized analytics, insights, advertising and more, by participating in social campaigns and promoting a circular economy.

“We are thrilled to partner with LunarCrush and utilize their Earn platform to enhance our micro-influencer campaigns,” says Joe Grech, Marketer at API3. “Their advanced data analysis capabilities provide us with valuable insights to optimize our engagement and maximize our reach.”

LunarCrush Earn is built on the Stacks, the leading layer-2 for Bitcoin, which is undergoing a significant upgrade called Nakamoto. This upgrade introduces fast blocks, reducing the time taken for a user-submitted transaction to be confirmed from tens of minutes to mere seconds, allowing creators and influencers participating in LunarCrush Earn’s social campaigns to experience faster and more efficient transactions when earning $LUNR.

Additionally, the upgrade ensures Bitcoin finality, meaning that once a transaction is confirmed, reversing it becomes as difficult as reversing a Bitcoin transaction, providing a higher level of security and immutability for LunarCrush Earn users.

“LunarCrush Earn stands to take full advantage of the Nakamoto upgrade on Stacks, and will drive meaningful usability,” says Muneeb Ali, co-creator of Stacks. “Creator monetization will be a powerful use case for bringing the next billion users to Bitcoin.“

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About LunarCrush

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