Baltimore City Apartment Building Sells for $150,000 per Unit, Midfield Realty Facilitates the Deal

A six-unit apartment building located on the 600 block of N. Carrolton in Baltimore City has been sold for $900,000, according to a recent announcement by Midfield Realty. This translates to $150,000 per unit, reflecting the ongoing strength of the Baltimore apartment market.

The sale highlights Midfield Realty’s deep understanding of the local market and its ability to connect buyers and sellers. The firm acted as the trusted advisor for both parties throughout the transaction, ensuring a smooth and successful closing.

“We’re thrilled to have facilitated this sale,” said Yaakov Kanevsky, from Midfield Realty. “We worked closely with both the buyer and seller to understand their individual needs and objectives. This in-depth understanding allowed us to navigate the negotiation process effectively and achieve a win-win outcome for everyone involved.”

This sale further solidifies Midfield Realty’s position as a leading player in the Baltimore City real estate landscape. In fact, this isn’t the only local property they’ve successfully sold recently. Roughly a year ago, Midfield Realty facilitated the sale of another building in the same area that is currently under development. This latest sale adds to a growing portfolio of similar properties that Midfield Realty has brought under contract, demonstrating their strong presence in the Baltimore City apartment market.

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