‘Why We Chose a Vibrant Retirement at Seabrook’

Ann Oppenlander and Neal Grolnic couldn’t be more pleased with their active lifestyle and worry-free apartment home at Seabrook.

“Living at Seabrook is like living in a resort!” says Ann Oppenlander, who moved to the Erickson Senior Living community in Tinton Falls, N.J., with her husband Neal Grolnic.

“There’s so much to do here.” Soon after the couple moved in, they immersed themselves in some of the community’s more than 100 activities and groups, signed up for lectures and courses through the Seabrook Active Learners program, and attended musical performances at the on-campus theater. They also got a technology club up and running, teaching neighbors how to use their smartphones and tablets.

“It’s been a lot of fun,” says Neal. “Ann was elected to a position on the Resident Advisory Council’s Leadership Team, and I chair the council’s Safety Committee. Having so many activities to pursue is one of the reasons why we moved to Seabrook.”

Recently, the couple talked about what motivated them to make the move and how they’re making their retirement dreams a reality.

You were interested in a continuing care retirement community (CCRC). Why is that? 

Ann: In the back of my mind, I always knew that I would come to Seabrook. My parents were among the community’s very first residents, and they received amazing support at three different care levels –independent living, assisted living, and skilled nursing care. We got to see how those transitions worked, and we were pleased. After experiencing some significant health issues, I started to think about the future for both of us.

Neal: We realized that we needed to plan ahead. Neither of us were getting younger! Moving to a CCRC made all the sense in the world. If one of us needs a higher level of care, it’s right here in the community. It was very reassuring.

What made you decide that Seabrook was the right choice? 

Ann: We loved Seabrook just as much as my parents did. The size of the community we chose was important to us. By moving to a larger community, we knew there would be more opportunities to meet people and participate in activities. It’s been so easy to connect with other residents here and has been from the beginning. We’ve had no trouble making friends!

We were also impressed by Seabrook’s amenities, like the bank, pharmacy, and salon. Having all of our basic needs met–right down the hall–has made life so much easier. You don’t get convenient access to amenities when you live in a house.

Also, financially, Seabrook is a really good deal. Friends looked at similar sized apartment homes in Texas, and they were 33% more expensive. It’s an extremely good value for the price paid, and it’s on the Jersey shore. What could be better?

Did you use Seabrook’s planning and moving services? 

Neal: Yes! When we showed an interest in utilizing the planning and moving services, we were connected with companies that had experience with moving people to Seabrook. When you decide to make the move, you want to do everything possible to have the smoothest experience. Thanks to their help, our move was completely stress-free.

Ann: A staff member spent an afternoon with us to determine what furniture would move with us and where it would go in our apartment home. They did a mock-up of our furniture on our floor plan. It really helped us visualize what we had and what would fit well in our new space.

How has Seabrook provided peace of mind? 

Ann: We consider our move to Seabrook a gift to our family members because they no longer have to worry about us and the care we might need. Friendly, dedicated staff members are always looking out for us, and our doctors are at the medical center right here on campus. They offer same-day appointments, and if we need to see a specialist, their referrals to specialists nearby are great.

Neal: Living maintenance-free definitely gives me peace of mind. It just takes a phone call to the General Services department for repairs–even for something as simple as changing a lightbulb. As a former engineer, I used to make repairs myself. But now, I don’t have to stress about maintenance. I still own a hammer and a screwdriver, but I rarely use them!

To learn more about the benefits of moving to a maintenance-free community, request more information today.