Ready to Buy Internationally without EVER Stepping Foot on Your Property? Discover Homebourse: Revolutionizing New Construction Purchases

Homebourse is the most comprehensive new construction platform allowing you to browse and search for all residential new construction projects in one place.

It’s no secret that everyone’s moving to Florida. In fact, Florida was the most popular state to move to in 2022 with 319,000 new residents. And it’s not slowing down. So as 18% of all new home buyers in Florida descend from out of the country …. there’s a need for something other than the same old real estate tour process. What happens if you can’t get here to see it…and to be honest, with new development and construction, do you really need to?

Homebourse offers the most comprehensive new construction platform, enabling you to browse and search for all residential new construction projects in one convenient place. Special features include a money saving “Homebourse pricing” initiative, accessing off-market deals, 24/7 AI assistance, and even the option to initiate the buying process online. Simply put, if you are in Europe or Latin America and can’t make it to – let’s say Miami – Homebourse gives you new options to tour, see, research, and even buy the dream home you always wanted. The new super platform is changing the game for new construction sales teams with its customizable AI Agent, electronic offers and counteroffers, e-signing, payment management, and marketing solutions. Homebourse created a cutting-edge technology ecosystem for browsing new construction projects and buying properties with never-before-seen convenience.

Unlike the average realtor, the experts have firsthand knowledge of exciting new projects. Instant connection to Homebourse’s local, new construction experts, who will be able to guide you through the entire purchasing process, from selecting the best property to closing the deal. Homebourse’s agents are independent consultants. The experts bring industry experience from construction materials, design, developer teams, and specialization in new construction.

“It’s about time the real estate industry underwent a digital transformation,” said Istvan Fehervari, CEO and Founder of Homebourse. “We want to streamline buyers’ home buying process while helping developers embrace the tech revolution and access global audiences.”

Anything more you want to know – the Homebourse AI agent is trained extensively in each project and neighborhood to provide assistance round the clock, regardless of your location. The AI agent has up-to-date internet browsing, can answer questions about projects and neighborhoods, and can provide a direct connection to Homebourse through a provided phone number. Want to know about floods, fires, crime, or even the wind in your area? Homebourse’s AI agent can help.

Plus, gain access to exclusive off-market deals not available online. Contact the experts to access ‘Homebourse Exclusives,’ i.e. off-market projects a developer may not have publicly listed yet. Create a collection of your favorite new development projects to compare them and make the most educated decision. Along with articles written by real estate professionals providing expertise on the entire new construction process. Keep an eye on Homebourse’s blog.

Finally, with remote closing capabilities, Homebourse brings a never-before-seen convenience for international buyers. Yes, you can click, research, and buy all on one platform. There’s even Full Stack Financing Options Connect with Homebourse experts for various loan products, including QM and NON-QM loans, streamlining the pre-approval process and offering insights into the future of mortgages through partnerships like Realfinity.