Why I Chose a Vibrant Retirement at Devonshire

Everyone has their own story when it comes to the choices they make for retirement. But the one thing that community members at Devonshire, the Erickson Senior Living community at PGA National in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla., have in common is the desire to experience a vibrant, engaging lifestyle supported by a robust offering of amenities, resources, and services.

Since moving to Devonshire in August, Beth Stanzione has made the most of her new lifestyle. “I sing in the chorus, I joined the book club, and I regularly visit the fitness center,” she says. “I have everything I need right here, and that’s what I love!”

Recently, the Tribune sat down with Beth to learn more about what motivated her to make the move to Devonshire and how her life has changed for the better.

Tribune: What led you to Devonshire?

Beth: Five years ago, I accompanied a friend as she visited various retirement communities in the area. After her thorough research, she chose Devonshire. When I began thinking about my own move to a retirement community, I thought, “Why should I reinvent the wheel?” Thanks to her due diligence, I narrowed my decision down–Devonshire called my name, too! In fact, I reserved an apartment home the same day I toured a floor plan I liked. It was a no-brainer.

Tribune: Did you utilize any of Devonshire’s realty and moving resources to plan your move?

Beth: Yes! Beginning to end, everything was beautifully done. I experienced less stress in this move than I have ever had, and I’ve moved all over the country many times.

First, Donna (Schneider, sales director) came out to my house to explain the move process and the resources available to help me, including Senior Transition, a senior move company that partners with Devonshire. They were a godsend–the best thing since sliced bread!

Laurie (Lovely, planning and moving consultant) also came out to my house to discuss what items I wanted to bring with me. Using the floor plan of my new apartment home as a guide, we decided on the pieces of furniture that would work well in the space, including my piano. She even helped me find the perfect fan for my screened-in porch and suggested some drawers for my closet.

Tribune: What do you like best about living at Devonshire?

Beth: I have more time to pursue the activities I enjoy! I was tired of taking care of the upkeep of my house, and now, I don’t have to worry about anything because maintenance is taken care of by General Services.

I feel like I’ve stepped back to a point in my life where I was more active. There is so much available to me, and everything is just a walk away.

Devonshire offers many amenities that I didn’t have easy access to when I was living in my house. Before my move, I was driving to physical therapy regularly. The fitness center here has all the same machines I used, so there’s no need make that trip.

Tribune: How have you gotten involved on campus?

Beth: Once I settled in, I didn’t waste any time getting involved. In addition to visiting the fitness center, singing in the chorus, and participating in book club meetings, I volunteer with the Welcoming Committee.

It’s really rewarding, reaching out to new community members, offering to answer their questions, and inviting them to dinner. They’re embarking on an exciting new chapter in their lives, just as I did nearly a year ago!

I’m grateful for all the opportunities to socialize, especially dining at the restaurants on campus. If you’re not sure what groups you want to join, eating dinner with a neighbor is a great first step. I’ve made lots of friends and discovered new clubs this way.

Tribune: What does your family think about your move?

Beth: Everyone in my family is so pleased with my move to Devonshire. It was important to me that my three kids didn’t get stuck having to make decisions for me. In fact, it was one of the most important things I considered when deciding on a community. The peace of mind that Devonshire provides–for both me and my kids–is amazing.

And my six-year-old granddaughter calls my new home “Heaven-shire,” so clearly she loves it too!

Invest in your future self at Devonshire. From top-notch amenities to maintenance-free apartment homes, you are sure to live your retirement to the fullest. Request more information today!