Why I Chose a Vibrant Retirement at Ashby Ponds

Everyone has a vision of what the ideal retirement looks like–whether it’s bustling with activity, devoted to more leisurely pursuits, or a combination of both.

At Ashby Ponds, the Erickson Senior Living community in Ashburn, Va., residents can design the experience that’s right for them, thanks to the abundance of amenities and resources on campus.

A wide range of activities and access to health services and continuing care were among the top reasons why Isabelle Bunch determined that Ashby Ponds was the perfect fit for her.

“Ashby Ponds offered everything we were looking for, including an on-site medical center with lots of services,” explains Isabelle, who moved to the community in 2019 with her husband Ed. “Moving here meant that everything we needed would be at our fingertips.”

Recently, Isabelle spoke with Tribune to share her experience and help others make their retirement dreams a reality.

Tribune: What led you to choose Ashby Ponds?

Isabelle: Ed and I primarily wanted to move closer to our two sons, Christopher and Tyler, and their families. Tyler researched continuing care retirement communities in the area and found Ashby Ponds to be the smartest decision. As a result, we scheduled a visit with the sales team.

It’s in a great location! Much closer to Christopher and Tyler. We really liked the beautiful campus and the indoor walkways connecting all the buildings. And, if we wanted to leave campus, there is so much nearby, including shopping and restaurants. We also made note of all the friendly residents.

The on-site medical center and continuing care neighborhood were a huge plus as well. It’s nice to know that qualified, friendly doctors are right here if I’m not feeling well or need routine bloodwork. Ashby Ponds easily checked all of our boxes.

Tribune: You took advantage of Ashby Ponds’ realty and moving services. How did that help you?

Isabelle: Our first step was inviting Ashby Ponds’ planning and moving consultant to visit us in our old house. She brought a little board showing the floor plan of our new apartment home. With that, we planned which furniture pieces we would bring with us and where they would go. I’m not good with space, so that made everything so much easier!

We also used one of Ashby Ponds’ preferred moving companies. I was amazed at the work they did for us. People from the moving company helped us on move-in day, unpacking boxes and setting up everything in our apartment home. They told us that their goal was for us to sleep in our bed that night, and we did! There was so little for me to do.

Having access to these planning and moving services is a wonderful perk. We never could have done all that ourselves.

Tribune: Have you found a sense of community at Ashby Ponds?

Isabelle: I certainly have. This was most apparent when Ed passed away in 2021. The neighbors we had only known for a little more than a year were wonderful, reaching out to me in friendship and support. They were also helpful in encouraging me to get involved in a variety of different activities.

Now, I serve as the secretary of the resident life committee, play with the pickleball group, deliver Christmas and birthday cards to neighbors, usher at events at the Great Oak Theater, and volunteer in the reading room. Participating in activities is so much easier now than when I lived in our house!

I also really enjoy visiting the fitness center. There are so many programs and classes to choose from–yoga, karate, Zumba–and all of the instructors are fantastic. I try to experience many different classes, and as a result, I meet different people.

That’s the key. When you go do the things you like, such as attending lectures, exercising, or volunteering, you meet people who share your interests. And as you meet people, you become a part of the community.

Tribune: What do your sons think about your move?

Isabelle: They are both thrilled. Our move was a gift to them as well–it gives them peace of mind. When we lived in the Northern Neck of Virginia, they worried about being several hours away if we ever needed them.

Now, they know I am safe, well-cared for, and busy with new friends and activities. In fact, my boys tell their friends about all the things I do! I love my new life here at Ashby Ponds.

Invest in your future self at Ashby Ponds. From top-notch amenities to affordable, maintenance-free apartment homes, you are sure to live your retirement to the fullest. Request more information today!