Why We Chose a Vibrant Retirement at Avery Point

When Tom and Jane Dunck discovered Avery Point, the Erickson Senior Living community in Short Pump, Va., they knew it was exactly where they wanted to live.

“We had looked around at other continuing care retirement communities,” explains Jane, “but Avery Point stood above the rest–even before it was complete!”

Eager to experience the vibrant Erickson Senior Living lifestyle firsthand, the couple stayed a few nights at Windsor Run, an Erickson Senior Living community in Matthews, N.C., before Avery Point opened.

“The residents were so happy with everything!” she recalls.

Tom adds, “That kind of ringing endorsement confirmed that Avery Point would offer us all that we could want.”

To gain greater insight on their journey to Avery Point, Tom and Jane spoke about how they are now enjoying a rewarding retirement at the community.

What motivated you to choose Avery Point?

Tom: My folks moved into a senior living community when they were still active, so we saw them making the most of their retirement in a vibrant setting.

Jane: Tom and I had also cleared out two houses for our parents, and we didn’t want our children to have to do the same. When we decided to move to Avery Point, we told them that it was a gift from us to them. They’re not only happy that we’re here, but they love coming to visit–especially when we take them to one of the restaurants on campus! I think it’s safe to say that they appreciate everything Avery Point has to offer as much as we do.

What was it like making the move to your apartment home?

Tom: It was a pleasant experience! Avery Point offers some great realty and moving services. One of the community’s recommended moving experts came to our house and helped us decide what we should bring to our new place.

Jane: Downsizing isn’t nearly as hard as you think it is. Once the expert helped us measure everything, it was easy to narrow down what pieces we wanted to bring and which pieces would go. It was great. And on move-in day, we received a complimentary three-hour moving service with movers who helped us unpack. I wasn’t keen on unpacking the kitchen, so the movers handled it. When they were finished, our kitchen looked so beautiful that I didn’t want to take anything out of a cabinet–I knew I wouldn’t leave it as neat! They were wonderful. 

What kind of activities have you become involved in since moving to Avery Point?

Tom: I had never played pickleball before, but I started right after we moved in and I’ve found it to be really addictive! I was elected to the community’s Resident Advisory Council, and I’m excited about that–ensuring my neighbors’ voices are heard. I also belong to the Men’s Club, which facilitates lots of insightful discussions.

Jane: I do line dancing and take Zumba classes. We both play bridge–the fun kind as well as the competitive kind. We also like to play three different types of canasta with friends.

Tom: We also attend concerts here. The singers have been really good. Lots of Avery Point residents are incredibly talented, so we’re lucky that they enjoy performing. During the Jazz Hour every Thursday night, a resident plays jazz piano. On the last Friday of every month, there’s a sing-along hosted by a resident pianist who hands out song sheets. Everyone chimes in!

What are your favorite aspects of living at Avery Point?

Tom: Maintenance-free living is wonderful. General Services has changed the filters in our HVAC system when we needed it. When a warning light appeared on the refrigerator, we just made a call, and Maintenance came and changed the water filter. They came so quickly too!

Jane: We love eating in the restaurants on campus–no dishes to clean! Well, the majority of the time. Tom only cooks on Sundays, so there are dishes on Sundays.

Moving to Avery Point was a gift to your children, and not having to cook is a gift to Tom. What’s your gift, Jane?

Jane: My gift is that I could never be lonely here because there are so many friendly residents. It’s so nice. You can find anybody to talk to about anything anytime you want, and I appreciate that. It’s just a warm, welcoming experience living here!

Invest in your future self at Avery Point. From top-notch amenities to affordable, maintenance-free apartment homes, you are sure to live your retirement to the fullest. Request more information today!

Caption: Thanks to the maintenance-free lifestyle at Avery Point, residents Tom and Jane Dunck have plenty of time to pursue their interests–everything from competitive bridge games to monthly sing-alongs.

Written by Michele Wojciechowski