Decatur Approves Nearly $55,000 In Small Business Grants

The City of Decatur and the Decatur Downtown Development Authority (DDA) announced the recipients of their latest round of small business improvement grants, which allocated up to $175,000 to the Commercial Facade Improvement Grant (CFIG), Commercial Buildout Improvement Grant (CBIG), and Marketing and Digital Connectivity Grant (MDCG) programs.

Introduced in 2023, the CFIG program supports projects focused on enhancing and beautifying storefronts and awnings. In this round, 11 applications were submitted, with the following six gaining approval: Kelly’s Market, $11,000 to install new glass entrance doors and repaint its awning; Pichulik Properties, $7,795 for painting and maintenance of the historic Watkins Building;  SwemSchool, $6,832 for the repainting of its façade and new signage; The Reading Room, $5,000 for a new mural; and Hell Yeah Gluten Free,  $7,312 for new signage at its retail location.

The CBIG aimed to reinforce the interior aspects of commercial buildings by repairing walls, constructing new internal spaces or making HVAC repairs and upgrades. Twelve applications were submitted, with the following three granted approval: Cereal Lab, $6,900 for upgrades to its restroom; Bleu Hanger, $4,000 for new flooring; and Montessori Academy of Decatur, $2,250 to increase the size of its restrooms.

Focused on helping small business owners upgrade their online presence, the MDCG assists with the design and production of marketing materials and content for digital platforms. Of the 13 applications received, two were approved, with Lubell Consulting receiving $2,500 for a content audit and website redesign, and Montessori Academy of Decatur securing $750 to fund social media ad campaigns.

“As we have expanded our grant programs, there is a clear demand among our small business community to reinvest in themselves and grow stronger, an effort we are more than happy to support,” said Conor McNally, DDA chair. “We are excited to continue these programs on a quarterly basis and encourage more businesses to utilize these critical, targeted resources.”

All grants will cover 75% of the cost of any approved project, with the business owner covering the other 25%. The CFIG and CBIG will allow for minimum contributions from the DDA of $2,500 and a maximum of $10,000, while the MDCG will have a minimum of $250 and a maximum of $2,500 for approved projects. Once the window is closed, the DDA oversight committee will review all submissions. If approved, the project must begin within six months and be completed within 18 months, consistent with the City of Decatur’s permitting process.

For more information on the grant programs and how to apply when the next window opens in August, please visit

About the City of Decatur

The City of Decatur, located just east of Atlanta and home to 25,000 people, is characterized by world class big-city business assets, progressive attitudes, highly educated residents, an accessible local government and superb quality of life for those who live and/or work here. A recent recipient of the 2023 All American City Award by the National League of Cities, Decatur is home to Emory Health Care, Agnes Scott College, Columbia Seminary, the Task Force for Global Health and a vibrant mix of small, local professional firms.

About the Decatur Downtown Development Authority

The Decatur Downtown Development Authority (DDA) was founded in 1982 to implement the Decatur Town Center Plan and to provide day-to-day management of the downtown development program. Since that time, our role has expanded to include responsibility for all of Decatur’s commercial districts. The Downtown Development Authority works with the traditional, downtown business district and the Development Authority has jurisdiction over the neighborhood districts. Both Authorities share a board and staff and exist to aid prospective business owners and developers interested in investing in Decatur’s economic development plans. These programs are housed within the City’s Community & Economic Development Department.