NMFTA Releases Comprehensive Guide to Minimum LTL Packaging Standard Requirements

– NMFTA and NMFC educate carriers, shippers, 3PL, and packaging professionals on less-than-truckload packaging processes and procedures –

The National Motor Freight Traffic Association, Inc. (NMFTA) and National Motor Freight Classification (NMFC)® today announced the launch of its comprehensive less-than-truckload (LTL) freight packaging guide, which unveils the secrets to complying with the NMFC minimum LTL packaging requirements.

This initiative is set to help optimize supply chain professionals’ LTL shipments. The NMFTA Packaging Guide is essential to ensuring all packaging meets standards to reduce claims and execute timely as well as safe package delivery.

As an industry leader, NMFTA’s step-by-step guide details the various types of packaging, its functions, and ways in which packaging impacts density. It also discloses liability issues that may arise as a result of packaging, reviews the various minimum packaging requirements across all industry functions, and provides additional information to help professionals navigate the topic with ease and confidence.

Due to NMFTA’s role in defining classifications for shipments, the organization knows how to assign classes based on everything from weight and size, to how easily it is handled, to where it can be stowed in the vehicle, to what kinds of risks it comes with handling specific freight.

“Supply chain professionals understand that packaging freight for less-than-truckload (LTL) shipping can be very simple or extremely complex,” said Keith Peterson, Director of Operations at NMFTA. “No matter how sophisticated industry technology becomes, crates and boxes will always be part of the LTL packaging process. As a result, supply chain professionals must remain current on all the latest advancements related to packaging requirements, solutions, and enhancements. NMFTA is here to provide a helping hand as experts in this space.”

To further assist packaging professionals in accurately determining the classification of freight being shipped and, therefore, identifying the required packaging, NMFTA will be hosting its 2024 Packaging Webinar Series starting on Tuesday, May 14. This three-part series will educate carriers, shippers, 3PLs, and packaging professionals about packaging and its relationship to freight classification and claims.

During the webinar series, NMFTA’s packaging experts will provide attendees with detailed instructions on the NMFC packaging definitions, specifications, and requirements and provide insight into how to properly apply the provisions of the NMFC. Proper shipping is essential to protect the shipment and other loads, ensure the load doesn’t take up unnecessary space, and guarantee the shipping provider can properly secure pallets after loading.

To learn more about the webinar series, NMFTA’s mission, advocacy, services, resources, and industry conferences, visit www.nmfta.org.