Learning Undefeated Delivers STEM Experiences to Schools

School parking lots in Maryland are usually everything you expect them to be – quiet during the day, with sudden peaks of traffic during pick-up and drop-off times. But since 2003, some lots have become a bit more special thanks to Learning Undefeated  – and its one-of-a-kind mobile STEM labs. Dedicated to driving race and gender equity in STEM, the nonprofit visits schools across the country to allow students from underserved communities experience deep-impact learning with the latest technology on board.

Amidst parked cars and stressed parents, Learning Undefeated offers unique traveling lab spaces: for example, middle school students can step into one of three custom-built 22-foot shipping containers (Breakout Box: Body Systems Mission ) to embark on an adventure using computational thinking, science, and engineering practices to crack a series of puzzles.

“They get a chance to experiment with augmented reality, game-based learning, and touchscreen walls—building critical thinking, collaboration, and problem-solving skills in STEM,” says CEO Brian Gaines.