FutureVerse: America’s Only Museum of the Future Will Further Cement Atlanta as Global Innovation Hub

FutureVerse, America’s only Museum of the Future, is on the horizon for Atlanta. Spearheaded by a dynamic and diverse consortium of educators, innovators and corporate leaders, the new non-profit museum will transform learning and showcase Georgia’s and America’s most advanced technologies which will protect our planet and benefit mankind.

With a visually stunning design by Cooper Carry planned for downtown Atlanta, which draws more than 15 million visitors annually, FutureVerse represents a monumental investment in the city’s future. With an estimated cost of $100 million, this visionary project will redefine the museum experience. It has been nearly 20 years since a major new attraction opened in the city.

“Atlanta can do anything when we come together,” said President and Chief Creative Officer David Wynett. “FutureVerse will bolster tourism and provide our students with unparalleled STEAM learning opportunities with fun, high-tech immersive exhibits.”

Backed by a distinguished board of advisors, including Dr. Scott Boden, Chief Strategy Officer, Emory Healthcare and Woodruff Health Science Center; Bert Reeves, Vice President, Institute Relations, Georgia Tech; Nick Place, Dean, University of Georgia’s College of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences; Kyle Reis, President & CEO, Cooper Carry; Joel Bush, Partner, Kilpatrick, Townsend & Stockton, FutureVerse has undergone a rigorous feasibility study. The results project an annual visitation of over 1.2 million individuals and an inaugural revenue of $50 million, highlighting its potential as a cultural asset and economic engine.

“FutureVerse will be an incredible new attraction for Atlanta, offering interactive exhibits tailored to school curriculums,” said Dr. Scott Boden, Chief Strategy Officer, Emory Healthcare and Woodruff Health Science Center. “It will inspire the next generation of physicians, scientists, engineers and artists.”

FutureVerse will feature six Future Galleries celebrating America’s innovation and ingenuity, each offering a captivating journey into the future. The groundbreaking Future Health gallery, powered by Emory Healthcare will focus on the marvels of the human body, preventive health, AI in revolutionizing healthcare, and cutting-edge medical research. The Future Transportation gallery will explore space travel and advances in aerospace, automotive and locomotive engineering. Visitors will be transported into immersive exhibits connected to the next generation of VR, AI, and augmented reality. As the future evolves, digital projection technologies will quickly update exhibits with lower construction costs.

“As Atlanta continues to be a top destination for people from across the globe, the proposed FutureVerse Museum will be a one-of-a-kind, immersive, educational experience that will complement existing attractions in downtown Atlanta,” A.J. Robinson, President, Central Atlanta Progress.

The galleries will present an optimistic view of the future and cover different themes, including Future Earth, where visitors will develop a deeper understanding of climate change and learn about ingenious, inventions to protect our planet; Future Tech, which will feature the future home and the most innovative technologies and products from across the country; Future Art an interactive journey combining art and film with technology and Future Play, a gaming arcade of the future.

FutureVerse will also be a technology accelerator through its Futures Lab, allowing guests to quickly crowdsource solutions to complex global challenges in sustainability and healthcare. It will share its disruptive ideas with its corporate and university partners.

“Supporting FutureVerse means supporting Atlanta’s future as a global innovation hub,” Joel Bush, Partner, Kilpatrick, Townsend & Stockton. “Kilpatrick is a forward-looking and tech-focused firm counseling some of the world’s most innovative companies. It is natural for Kilpatrick to support this exciting edutainment attraction which will springboard growth in our city.”

FutureVerse is supported by Georgia’s leading educators including Dr. Valerie Montgomery Rice, President, and Dean of the Morehouse School of Medicine and Richard Phillips, Dean of GSU’s Robinson College of Business. FutureVerse is pursuing a prime downtown location, engaging with potential sponsors, and actively raising capital.

“The University of Georgia’s College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences is proud to support FutureVerse as an embodiment of our commitment to pioneering agricultural and environmental innovation,” said Nick Place, Dean, University of Georgia’s College of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences. “UGA CAES leads the charge in shaping a sustainable future, and through FutureVerse, we eagerly anticipate sharing our research and endeavors, illustrating how we are not just feeding and fueling our world today but paving the way for generations to come.”

“FutureVerse is a bold initiative, and I am excited to help bring it to fruition,” said Bert Reeves, Vice President of Institute Relations at Georgia Tech. “At Georgia Tech, we are as focused on the future as any place you will find. By sharing our immense research initiatives and student-led technology startups, we can help transform tomorrow and build a Museum of the Future to empower and inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs.” “

“Morehouse School of Medicine is very excited about FutureVerse, America’s Museum of the Future, which will have one of the most innovative medical museums in the country when it opens,” said Valerie Montgomery Rice, MD, FACOG, President and CEO, Morehouse School of Medicine. “With a focus on health and the environment, this creative venue provides a space to showcase research initiatives aimed at helping to reduce health disparities and improve health equity in underserved communities.”

“Georgia State University’s Robinson College of Business is thrilled to be part of FutureVerse,” Richard Phillips, Dean, Robinson College of Business at Georgia State University. “This exciting new venture aligns with Robinson’s vision, Innovation for All, and our strategic imperative to infuse high-impact experiential learning throughout the curriculum. As part of a leading research university , it is in our DNA to break boundaries to solve the biggest problems of today and tomorrow. We look forward to collaborating with FutureVerse.”

For more information, visit thefutureverse.org.