Lexy Silverstein Leads Global Earth Day Protest in LA: Students Rally Against SHEIN in a Bold Stand for Our Planet

Adorned in Robes and Towels, Protesters Declare “Rather Be Naked Than Wear SHEIN” in a Global Call for Fashion Industry Reform

In a striking display of activism and solidarity, Los Angeles students are taking to the streets in front of SHEIN’s downtown headquarters to mark Earth Day with a powerful protest against the fast fashion behemoth. Led by Lexy Silverstein, sustainable fashion champion, with support from the sustainability nonprofit Remake, they’re shining a light on the major environmental and ethical issues tied to fast fashion. The goal: to rally people worldwide to demand better. Remake is a global advocacy organization fighting for fair pay and climate justice in the clothing industry.

Protestors, who will be wearing robes and towels with “Rather Be Naked Than Wear SHEIN”, are making it clear: they’re done with harmful practices and want consumers and companies in particular, to take action. “This protest is more than just standing around; it’s about waking people up,” says Lexy Silverstein. “We’re pushing SHEIN and all fast fashion brands to see the damage they’re doing and to start making real changes towards being sustainable and fair, especially to their workers.”

“This protest isn’t just a demonstration; it’s a wake-up call,” says Silverstein. “We’re urging SHEIN and the entire fast fashion industry to recognize their impact on the environment and to quickly move towards sustainable, ethical practices while also tackling unfair labor practices for garment workers.”

The LA protest is part of a bigger worldwide effort. In the UK, students led by protest organizer Jemima Elliott are calling out Boohoo, another big name in fast fashion. These events are in sync, showing a united front against the harmful fast fashion model and highlighting the desperate need for change across the board.

The Earth Day protest isn’t just about calling out SHEIN & Boohoo; it’s about educating the buying public on the impact of their fashion choices.

“Boohoo PLC has consistently violated human and workers’ rights in their supply chain,” says Jemima Elliott. “They have created horrific conditions for workers and are pumping out obscene numbers of garments that are choking our planet. Yet the public is still buying from them and the government turns a blind eye. We need action now.”

This Earth Day, the message is clear: it’s time for the fashion industry to step up and make sustainable and ethical changes. Through bold actions, students are not just challenging SHEIN, Boohoo and other fast fashion brands; they’re inspiring people everywhere to think more about their fashion purchases.

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About Remake

Remake is a non-profit pushing for a kinder, cleaner fashion industry. Born from a need to stop the harmful effects of fast fashion on people and the planet, Remake is all for transparency, sustainability, and rights for workers everywhere. With campaigns, stories, and direct action, they’re teaching consumers about the real cost of fashion, promoting ethical brands, and building a worldwide community ready for positive change. By sharing the stories of garment workers and the environmental issues facing the industry, Remake hopes to encourage everyone to choose more wisely when it comes to clothes.

About Lexy Silverstein 

Lexy Silverstein is a trailblazer in the sustainable fashion movement, recognized for sparking a significant protest against her school’s partnership with SHEIN and catching the attention of major publications like Vogue and The Guardian. With a potent mix of activism and insight, Lexy leverages her sustainable fashion blog; elexyfy.com, engaging podcast, and widespread social media influence to champion the cause of ethical and eco-friendly fashion choices. Her relentless pursuit of change is not just about calling out the big names in fast fashion; it’s about educating, inspiring, and empowering individuals to rethink their fashion consumption.

About Jemima Elliott

Jemima Elliott is a climate justice journalist and campaigner, specializing in labor rights and environmental justice in the fashion industry. She has written for publications such as The Sunday Times Ireland, Remake, and  Shado Mag. As a postgraduate student in 2023, she led successful campaigns against fast fashion companies such as Shein and Primark and 250 oil, gas and unethical mining companies from advertising through her Students’ Union. As Community Organiser for Remake’s University Hub she aims to unite students and academic staff across the globe in the fight for justice in the fashion industry.