IP Lawyer Robert Plotkin Launches New Book ‘AI Armor,’ a Business Guide for Companies to Monetize and Protect AI Innovations

In the lightning-fast world of artificial intelligence, new companies face numerous challenges to obtaining success, from competitors nipping at their heels to Big AI plotting to assimilate their innovations. But a new book by leading intellectual property lawyer and software patent expert Robert Plotkin reveals that intellectual property (IP) may be an innovator’s most powerful tool. In his book, AI Armor: Securing the Future of Your AI Company with Strategic Intellectual Property, Plotkin implements his revolutionary MIND process – a systematic IP strategy tailored to AI tech and ventures – to show how IP is a dynamic profit and growth driver, key to proactive strategies that fuel revenue and business value.

AI Armor is aimed at founders, executives and investors in growing AI companies. Attorneys for AI companies, especially in-house corporate and intellectual property attorneys, will also find the book useful.

Written in a practical, solution-oriented “how-to” style that doesn’t require detailed knowledge of IP law, AI Armor is a business strategy guide that lays out a comprehensive approach for leveraging IP to achieve business goals in a way that is custom-made for AI companies. Readers will learn how to leverage IP, especially patents and trade secrets, to raise funds, generate revenue and become profitable, attract and retain top talent, protect themselves against larger competitors, and secure a successful exit, such as an acquisition or IPO.

A cornerstone of AI Armor is Plotkin’s MIND method to leveraging IP. The method involves four steps:

  • Mapping the company’s unique and innovative AI technology
  • Identifying the company’s strategic IP goals
  • Navigating the complex IP landscape
  • Driving successful business outcomes for the company

AI Armor has already been well-received by the AI, technology and legal communities, garnering testimonials including the following:

Given the high cost of patent protection and litigation, securing claims that stand the test of time matters. Robert’s new book, “AI Armor,” emphasizes the strategic use of patents to achieve key business goals. The four-step process described in the book is tailored to the unique needs of AI companies, and it will help you transform intellectual property from a cost center into an investment that safeguards against threats and contributes to your success. – Steven K. Gold, M.D., Entrepreneur and Inventor

Robert Plotkin brings to the table an exceptional level of expertise, particularly in the realm of software and AI patents. His approach is meticulous, ensuring that every facet of the technology is considered, not just from a legal perspective but from a creator’s viewpoint as well. His guidance has been instrumental in formulating robust patent strategies that not only protect innovations but also bolster their market position. “AI Armor” exemplifies his deep understanding of the field. This book serves as a crucial guide for anyone looking to protect their innovations in the fast-evolving AI space. – Dr. Jonathan Olson, Founder, Zapata AI

This book a full-throated cry to inventors to make effective use of AI to turbocharge the invention process and to protect innovations with patents. The book will be an invaluable resource for startups and other companies seeking to protect their AI investment and solutions. – V “Juggy” Jagannathan, AI Evangelist, 3M Healthcare

AI Armor: Securing the Future of Your AI Company with Strategic Intellectual Property is available on April 16.

About Robert Plotkin

The author, Robert Plotkin, is a patent attorney who has been a leader in obtaining, enforcing, monetizing and leveraging software patents for the success of his clients for more than 25 years. Plotkin is an MIT-educated computer scientist who uses his unique combination of expertise in software and patent law to obtain patents that are strong, broad, defensible, enforceable and tailored to the business goals of his clients.

Plotkin has been developing and applying AI-specific intellectual property (IP) strategies since long before AI became a hot topic. His groundbreaking book on patenting AI-generated inventions, The Genie in the Machine: How Computer-Automated Inventing Is Revolutionizing Law and Business (Stanford University Press 2009), remains the definitive work on the impact of AI on patent law and practice. He uses the strategies described in the book to obtain patents for his clients on AI technologies and for inventions generated using such technologies.

Plotkin is the co-founder of Blueshift IP, a boutique patent law firm specializing in software patents, where he leverages his experience to maximize the value of his clients’ patent portfolios.

Beyond his legal practice, Plotkin is an innovator himself. He is a named inventor and owner of more than 25 patents and patent applications, many of which have been successfully licensed.