Fortnight Collective Spreads the Word About Noodles & Company’s Relaunch of Steak Stroganoff

Brand storytelling and strategic advertising agency Fortnight Collective has created a social campaign to promote the return of client  Noodles & Company’s Steak Stroganoff, one of the fast-casual chain’s most popular dishes. The national chain is known for spreading “Uncommon Goodness” with its globally inspired noodle bowls, best-in-class service, and values-centric culture.

Every brand fan who asks the chain to bring back steak stroganoff on social media will receive a message from Noodles, ranging from a short note to custom gifs, or a video response from the CMO in a humorous “mean tweet” style. The personalized messages reward those fans for their persistence.

“You asked to bring back steak strog,” begins one Fortnight post in response to users who’ve asked about the dish multiple times. “And you asked again. And again… And again. Well, we heard you. Steak Stroganoff is back on.” Another reads, “Your voice brought it back and your mouth will thank you.”

Dozens of fans will receive custom gifs the day the promotion begins. “Steak Stroganoff is now Steak StroganON,” animated copy reads as the ON lights up like neon. “For fans like you, consider it done… It’s ON starting today.”

“Over the years, more guests have asked us to put Steak Stroganoff back to the Noodles menu than any other food item, and we listened,” said Stacey Pool, chief marketing officer at Noodles & Company. “Uncommon Goodness is woven into every bite—we brought back a coveted, delectable dish that’s full of robust flavor and nostalgia.”

“Our team is thrilled to have brought back the beloved fan favorite dish to the menu. It was a collaborative effort fueled by passion and dedication of the fans, and we’re grateful to have made so many Steak Stroganoff lovers feel personally responsible for bringing their favorite dish back after two years.” – Jen Kubis, Senior Brand Director

The limited-time-only offering is 100% guaranteed under Noodles’ Goodness Guarantee program, which encourages guests to step outside their comfort zones and try something new. If they don’t love their entree, it can be exchanged for a different dish on the menu at no cost. Guests can learn more about the Goodness Guarantee at

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Fortnight Collective

  • Andy Nathan – Chief Executive Officer
  • Devin Reiter – President Matt Kubis – Head of Design
  • Mona Hasan- Creative Director – CW
  • Drake Paul – Associate Creative Director – CW Jeff Roy – Associate Creative Director – AD Maria DiTullio – Copywriter
  • Jen Kubis – Senior Brand Director Trevor Blum – Senior Brand Manager Rachel Arthur – Producer Brian O’Connell – Strategy Director


Noodles & Company

  • Stacey Pool – Chief Marketing Officer
  • Stacy Moss – Director of Brand Marketing
  • Brian Anderson – Communications & Social Media Manager Ali Fredrickson – Integrated Marketing Manager
  • Emily Sheridan – Sr Manager, Marketing Operations & Creative Services
  • Tori Hutchens – Senior Graphic Designer