Jetic Launches Jetlets

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Jetic, a cloud-native integration leader, today announced the release of Jetlets, a low-code and no-code block template, that allows users to easily build any technically advanced integration use case, typically not covered by alternative integration platforms.

With an estimated 30,000 SaaS on the market and an estimated 100 million new applications per year, it has been a major challenge for iPaaS end-users to find a solution that can handle all of the application integration needs. It is also impossible for iPaaS vendors to provide all the building blocks to handle the long tail of integration use cases such as legacy systems, niche protocols, or in-house developed applications. Leveraging low-code/no-code, Jetlets allows end-users to easily build customized reusable connectors and templates with Jetic’s 300+ low-level components.

“Jetlets opens up a new realm of possibilities for users, enabling them to easily and swiftly build tailored integration blocks to suit their specific requirements,” says Andre Sluczka, founder and CEO, Jetic. “This is especially valuable to specialized industries dependent on niche systems with highly specific integration needs, such as AS400, HL7, and EDI typically found in legacy or proprietary in-house applications.”

Jetlets can be built from scratch or by leveraging existing blocks within Jetic’s iPaaS editor, Jetic Studio. Companies can build an in-house marketplace of reusable Jetlets – made of low-level code – that enable citizen integrators to implement the most complex scenarios without worrying about the underlying complexity.

Cloud-native Jetic caters to various integration scenarios, including real-time integration, API management, serverless integration, event streaming, data capture, and data transformation. The platform facilitates root-cause analysis through cutting-edge monitoring and observability. Jetic follows Git standards and can fit into any GitOps strategy, offering a professional software rollout incorporating modern CI/CD practices.

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About Jetic

Jetic is the first and only cloud-native API and application integration platform based on Apache Camel, enabling developers to engineer, deliver, and maintain scalable APIs and integrations. The company was founded by Andre Sluczka and is headquartered in St. Petersburg, Florida. To learn more, visit