Wyatt Bartel Appointed President of Lux Machina Consulting

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–NEP Group, the leading media services partner for content creators worldwide, has named Wyatt Bartel president of its virtual production company, Lux Machina Consulting (“LuxMC”). Bartel will report directly into the global head of NEP Live Events, Graham Andrews. Phil Galler, co-founder and principal of Lux Machina since 2013, has decided to shift his career focus to content creation, software and product development, and will continue working with the LuxMC team as a technical advisor.

Well-known for his work in production at LuxMC and one of its principals, Bartel has been helping pioneer in-camera visual effects on movies and television shows, including most recently on Masters of the Air, Godzilla x Kong, Barbie and Top Gun 2, using Virtual Production technologies such as LED, projection, motion capture and simulcam. As principal designer of a myriad of LED volumes and VP integrations, he has helped lead innovation for the company while simultaneously working to lower the barrier of entry for productions through standardized best practices, and by bringing his and the LuxMC production teams’ years of experience to set.

Graham Andrews, Global President for NEP Live Events, said: “Lux Machina has become an integral part of our Live Events team as more content creators look to leverage Virtual Production, AR, and XR technologies to enhance live experiences for sport, esports, entertainment and musical events, and broadcast television. I’m pleased to promote Wyatt into his new role to lead us into this next phase of growth and grateful for Phil’s continued technical guidance and expertise.”

Bartel said: “Throughout my decade at Lux Machina, I have been involved in some of our largest projects, from systems engineering and operating to design, branding, and producing. These experiences, combined with a focus on operational and financial success, have given me a thorough understanding of our business and prepared me to lead our business into the future.

“I want to give my deepest thanks to Phil Galler, whose leadership, along with Zach Alexander’s, has shaped Lux Machina. Phil’s guidance through the recent restructuring post-strike has set Lux Machina up for success as a focused, profitable business.

“My goal moving forward is to ensure that Lux Machina remains at the forefront of innovation and excellence in this dynamic industry. We have top talent at all levels. One of my first priorities will be to cultivate our internal and external culture and empower our global team, whose passion and expertise are at the heart of our success.

“We’re a pioneer in Virtual Production and we’ll continue to break new ground in film, episodic, and broadcast television to cement our position as the leader in this space. Beyond film and tv, I’m looking forward to expanding our horizons in the themed entertainment space where we can create immersive, interactive experiences for theme parks, museums, and other venues. I am honored to lead Lux Machina into its next chapter, and confident that together we will achieve extraordinary things.”

Phil Galler added: “Having run the business alongside Wyatt over the last 11 years, I’m excited to watch the company’s continuing evolution under Wyatt’s leadership. I’m proud of what he and the entire leadership team have done and am confident stepping away from the day to day knowing it is in safe hands.

“Wyatt has an unmatched depth of technical knowledge and experience in production, combined with a passion for making sure clients get what they want, something we all can aspire to. I remember our first movies and TV shows together, including Solo and Rogue One. In work and in business there aren’t many people who can go from 5,000 to 50,000 feet and feel comfortable doing that.

“As for me, I plan to travel to places I’ve never been — Japan, Australia and Italy to start. Technically and creatively, this move will allow me to explore my passion for software development, machine learning, creative content and empowering digital storytellers. I’ll be looking for new creative business and technology leadership opportunities that are synergistic to the work of Lux Machina and NEP. I know I’ll always be close to the company and the team, no matter what I do.”

To learn more about Lux Machina’s virtual production, in-camera VFX and display technology solutions, visit www.luxmc.com.

About Lux Machina and NEP

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