Myonex Acquires SaveWay Compounding Pharmacy

Myonex, a leading global clinical trial supply company, has completed the acquisition of SaveWay Compounding Pharmacy of Newark, Del. The pharmacy will operate as SaveWay Compounding Pharmacy, a Myonex company.

In further pursuit of supporting clinical trial sponsor’s trial designs with direct-to-patient (DTP) and home healthcare provider (HHP) capabilities, this acquisition allows wider patient access across the entire United States, in addition to supporting patients with their access to trial medication and equipment needed.

“SaveWay’s pharmacy capabilities complement and extend Myonex’s existing clinical supplies solutions within the US. SaveWay will provide additional access for drug sourcing and direct-to-patient options across all 50 states for our clinical packaging and labelling and ancillary supply services. SaveWay complements Myonex’s market-leading CTRx™ to ensure a full suite of prescription-based supply options for both investigational medicinal product (IMP) and commercial drug access throughout the US. These additional capabilities allow Myonex to better support the needs of our clients and enable decentralized clinical trials (DCT) and hybrid studies,” said James Lovett, Chief Executive Officer at Myonex.

“With this acquisition, Myonex will support SaveWay’s expansion into clinical trials and accelerate the growth of direct-to-patient services. SaveWay has a unique opportunity to grow and expand serving patients across the US in clinical trials by dispensing investigational medicinal product, commercial medications, and specialized compounded medications directly to clinical trial patients. We welcome the opportunity to be part of an experienced clinical trial supply company with its roots in pharmacy. Myonex understands how we work and what we can offer to support today’s trends in clinical trials,” said Pradeep Chilakapati, RPh, Managing Partner and Pharmacist at SaveWay.

The recent acquisition announcement of Creapharm—and now SaveWay— accelerates Myonex’s overall commitment to remain faster, more flexible, and reliable for clients while improving the clinical trial patient experience. This growth positions Myonex as an industry partner with one of the most diverse clinical trial supply service offerings globally.

Myonex was exclusively advised by Crosstree as its financial advisor and Troutman Pepper as its legal advisor in its acquisition of SaveWay.

About Myonex
Myonex is a leading global complete clinical trial supply company offering tailored solutions in central and local drug sourcing, packaging, labeling, and ancillary and equipment supply to support each trial’s specific requirements and complexities. With nine locations in the US, Germany, UK & France, we partner with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, contract research organizations (CROs), and other clinical trial service providers seeking a flexible, comprehensive solution for their trial supply needs. Learn more at

About SaveWay
SaveWay Compounding Pharmacy was founded as a local community resource for affordable non-sterile compounded medications. Today it offers custom sterile and non-sterile compounded medications that can be customized by dose or delivery system. Learn more at